Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thought it was labor...

but I was fooled! LOL! I was soooo hoping the full moon last night would send me to the hospital--it gave me some real contractions, but not true labor. I would have a couple like 10-12 minutes apart and then they would go to 20-30 minutes apart. Then after I went to bed, I think I had about 1 an hour--I was waking up every hour because I kept laying on my arms and my hands would go to sleep!

Nevan is really whiny today--don't know if it's after effects from yesterday or what, but he's wanted to be held since he got up this morning. I can't get anything done! And my laundry pile is rivaling the heights of Mt Everest! (no sense having that many clothes to wash!) Besides, if I can do some heavy house cleaning today, maybe my contractions will come back!

Oh, I forgot to mention that 3 days ago, Nevan wore big boy undies from 10 am until 7 pm with NO accidents! I might get the boy potty trained yet!

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