Thursday, March 7, 2013


Surely it hasn't been over a YEAR since I blogged here?  I guess I've been busy!

I have continued with my scrapbooking...I've even found more time for away from home crops in the past year...which I have thoroughly enjoyed!  I learned to make pages without pictures...and it's taken my scrapping to a whole different level!  I can complete 20 pages EASY in one 12-hour crop!  It's insane!  I haven't done any design work.  Frankly, I got kind of burned out on it.  Plus, going back to work has really put a cramp in my time!  So now, I'm just scrapping for ME!

I'm working part-time at The Rock Fitness...a local, family owned fitness center.  We have 4 locations...two here in town.  Business has been booming!  I'm thankful that I fell into this job and I love my employers!  I was definitely at the right place at the right time!  Not only am I teaching classes, but I'm working the front desk and doing lots of admin stuff.  I love it!  I still teach a class at the Y here in town, and I teach some Saturdays at the C'ville Y.  I'm in the process of getting my BodyPump certification, so I'll be helping a Y in Charlotte with their launch...and I guess I'll get to teach some there too!  Sometimes, I don't know weather I'm coming or going!  :D

The boys are growing like weeds.  I can't believe they are 10, 8, and soon-to-be 6!  Pierson loves Kindergarten!  Nevan has made Conductor's Club TWICE!!! (2nd grade's equivalent to straight A's)  Harrison was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD in September.  I chose not to medicate him at that time and the school set up an IEP to get him some extra help.  It didn't seem to help much.  When report cards came out about a month ago, I had a letter from the principal stating that he was at risk to fail 4th grade.  As much as I hated it, I called the doctor for the meds.  He's been on Strattera for 17 days.  We started him with a starter pack that increase the dosage gradually...but when we got to the 40mg pills, after 2 nights, he was grouchy and seeing things.  He had an appointment with the doctor the next day.  I gave him the lower dose that night.  The doctor suggested that we try giving him the lower dose twice a day...that maybe breaking up the dose would work better with less side effects.  Today, he had the most AWESOME day at school EVER!  Seriously...probably the best day since Kindergarten!  His teacher texted me just after lunch to tell me he was doing well.  Then this evening, he had 4 long division problems to work.  I think he understood the method they are using better than me!!!  He didn't argue.  He didn't get distracted by his brothers!  At one point, when N turned on a video game, I asked N to turn it down so that Harrison couldn't hear it.  Harrison replied, "It won't bother me.  I can just tune it out."  Is this my child?!?!?!  I texted his teacher to tell her how well he was working on his homework and her replies just made me so happy I wanted to cry!!!

First, when she was explaining their math to them, Harrison was figuring it out before she even had it written on the board!  He would ask her if he had it right and was sooooo excited to be getting it before everyone else!!!  Then, his best friend wasn't feeling well in class so he laid his head down and went to sleep.  Any other time, Harrison would not have noticed it.  But today he said, "Man!  Langdon never goes to sleep in class!"  He was just very aware of things today.  Their class made cards to send to another teacher's son who is graduating from Cooking School in the Navy.  His teacher said that Harrison put so much thought into it that he drew a ship and named it the USS Marvin! (Marvin is the guy's name!)   No other student even thought to do that!

 I'm so extremely happy for him today!!!!  I still don't much care for having to medicate him, but if it's working, it will be worth it.

We're supposed to add another med to the mix on Saturday...I guess we'll see how it goes...if he even needs it!

I want to document his progress...and I think this blog is gonna be the place for it.  I don't know how much scrappy stuff will get posted...but I might throw in something every now and then!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's time for the 12 Tags of Christmas...

Tim Holtz style, that is!!!! In past years, I've always just been a watcher. But this year, I'm participating!!! Now I admit...I don't really have alot of Tim Holtz's stuff...and I only have 4 Distress Inks (what a SHAME!) but that didn't stop me! I used what I had here, and I think my tag turned out pretty well!!!

I started by cutting a tag out of a manilla file folder...I even cut circles to use as the reinforcers! Then I used a cuttlebug embossing folder (inked with Fired Brick, of course!) to emboss the tag. Then I used my ink blending tool to add ink to the edges of the tag (Fired Brick and WAlnut stain). Found some nice branches and swirls on the Winter Woodland and Serenade Cricut cartridges, so I cut those out. The word "Joy" is also from the Winter Woodland cart. So is the Holly. I hand cut my banner and the swirl for my flower. I then used my corner rounder punch to create a scalloped edge on the outer edge of the swirl. Then I rolled it up. I added some white paint (using my fingers) to the branches and swirl. Then used a "Snow Writer" to add some bling! Found some pearls and beads in my mom's stash and add them. The ribbon was from my stash and the glitter was from Martha Stewart.

I really am pleased with how this turned out!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OMG! I haven't updated since JULY?!?!?!?

Whoa!!! Where did the time go?!?!?

We already have a full month of 3rd and 1st grade under our belts, N and P are playing Fall Soccer, and Cub Scouts is in full swing! To add to all that craziness, I started teaching 4 classes at ZX Fitness a month ago! And it seems like everything has exploded since then! I still have my Friday Low Impact class in C'ville, but this month, I also add a trip to the Nursing Home in C'ville to teach a Chair Aerobics class! That will be 2x a month. I also will add a TurboKick class at the Lincoln Y on Tuesday afternoons! The first week of the month, I will teach 9 classes in 6 days!!! That is just plain NUTS!

I've also started this neat little business venture...I am now a Beachbody Coach! Beachbody is the company that brings you P90X, Insanity, and TurboFire (just to name a few!) But the real reason I got involved is a meal replacement shake called Shakeology!!! It's touted as the "Healthiest Meal of the Day" and I truly believe it is! I keep comparing it to other meal replacement shakes and so far, nothing compares!!!! So, if you are a little bit curious, go to my sites! My Shakeology and Beachbody If you have any questions about any of the products, just give me a call! My number is on both sites!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We've been kinda busy around here...

so I haven't got to post too much...and the last time I tried to post, my computer locked up and we're still having issues. We think it's our new ISP...GRRRR!

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of evening storm cooled things off nicely here and we were able to enjoy the fireworks without dying from the heat!

Big, Sad anniversary coming this week...can't believe it's been a year since my FIL passed away... :( Nevan even commented, out of the blue, last night that he missed Papaw Vernon... Brings tears to my eyes!

But the REAL reason I'm posting this awesome Glitz Designs Paper give away!!! I'm not usually a purple person, but this is gorgeous! Love this color combo!!! Go check it out!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My FAVORITE contest started today!!!

It's time for the Last Scrapper Standing Contest over at Memorable Seasons!!!! (insert a pic of me jumping up and down!) I don't know why I love this contest so much, but I DO!!! Last year I didn't make the final cut because about week 4 was when my FIL passed away...and I just didn't have it in me to scrap much. But this year, I'm "in it to WIN it"!!!!!

The first challenge was issued this morning and I'm already done! The challenge was to create an embellishment cluster that used something "green" (as in recycled green) AND if your pic was themed, you couldn't use themed papers and vice-versa. So I used 4th of July themed papers for a pic I took of H in November! Here's my finished page:

Now I can't wait to see if I make it thru to next week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let the summer contests begin!!!!

WOW! Lots of fun coming up at several scrappy sites!!!

June is Birthday month at Cookin' Up Creations...2 years old!!! Tammy is giving the DT a break with the BPS challenges this month and is issuing all the challenges herself!!! And word has it that the prizes are coming from Best Creation, SEI and Reminisce!! (Pics to come when she has the product in hand!) To be eligible for the prizes, you just have to complete a minimum of 15 challenges!!!

My Scraps and More is having a "talent" contest! 8 fun weeks of challenges and games!

Starting June 3rd, and each Friday thereafter, a challenge will be issued. You will have until the following Thursday at midnight eastern time, to upload your challenge into the appropriate thread on the forum to continue on in the My Scraps talent search. At the end of the eight weeks, A My Scraps and More Talent star will be rewarded with a box of scrap goodies for sharing their talents! Along with the grand prize winner, someone will be randomly chosen each week among the participants of the challenge, to win a prize as well!

This is a non-elimination contest. All are invited and WELCOME to play! There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. As long as you are recording your memories, that is all that matters!!

And this one is MY personal fave...seriously! I've participated the past 2 years...the first year I was 2nd place. Last year I guess I kinda had to drop out when my FIL passed away...just couldn't muster the mojo to continue at the best of my ability... BUT, I'm ready to rock your socks off on this one!!!! I've got the taste of victory for this one! LOL! So, you wanna know what it is??? It's the Memorable Seasons "Last Scrapper Standing" Contest!!!!! It begins June get ready!!!! :)

Not a contest, but this will still be lots of fun I am sure! The girlz at Scrap-Friendzy are hosting an online crop this weekend!!!
Now who DOESN'T need a day at the Spa????

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super FUN this weekend!!!

Backporch Memories is having a BIG online crop this weekend!!! The Grand prize is a 6 months subscription to their kit club!!! Come on over and join in the fun!!!

Back Porch Memories Online Crop
Friday, May 13 @ noon EST - Sunday, May 15 @ 6 p.m. EST (main weekend)
May 16-21 (extra time for SOME challenges to be completed)
Each challenge, game and class has its own prize! Plus we're giving away a six month autoship subscription to Back Porch Memories Kit Club