Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still pregnant! 37 wks 2 days and counting...

Man oh man did I forget how miserable the last month of pregnancy can be!!! Actually, I think I'm experiencing things this time that I didn't with either of my other two--like sciatic nerve pain--OUCH! Took me almost 5 minutes to get out of bed this morning! And, I feel like I've been kicked (and probably have been) in the ribs repeatedly! Don't remember that one. If this baby is as low as they say he is and still kicking my ribs--he must be long! LOL! And my back hurts constantly! Went to the doc this morning and gained 4 lbs in a week!!! NOT GOOD! I have this craving--but I don't know what it's for--so I just eat hoping I'll find what it is I'm wanting. We've got to stop that! Especially if I don't want a 10-pounder! They didn't check me today, so I don't know if I've made any more progress or not.

Okay, as I type this, H is telling N, "Let me feel your belly so I can check on your baby!" LOL! Too funny!

Nevan went for his pre-op appt today for his tubes. The surgery date is set for April 2nd--IF I don't have a baby by then. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck!

Nevan has been really whiny today--wonder what's up with him?? He still needs another front tooth--could it be that he's finally gonna get it? Or maybe it was his bout with having bathroom trouble today. Maybe his belly still hurts. Or it could just be that it's been too chilly and drizzly to go outside today.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another doc appt

Had yet another doctor appointment today. I am now dialated 3 cm! Which doesn't really mean anything since I was dialated 4 cm for a month before I had Nevan! Other than than, it was a pretty uneventful appt. I must have remember my weight wrong two weeks ago because I thought I weighed 168 that day--but last week I weighed 165 and today I weighed 167.4. I like those numbers a little better anyway! LOL! We aren't gonna talk about the carton of ice cream I just finished off--didn't even bother putting it in a bowl! LOL!

It was a beeeeuuuuutiful day today! And it's supposed to be nice for the next week! I'm already feeling the effects of the pollen though--my eyes are driving me nutso!

I was outside all day with the boys--took them to the playground at Asbury UMC for about 2 hours. The rest of the time they were playing in the back yard. You would think all that playing would make them just collapse in the bed, but NOOOOOO! It took 30 minutes to get them settled down tonight! I ended up having to sit between them in the bed so they would leave each other alone! Crazy boys!

It's almost 9 pm--my back is hurting from all the play today. I want to soak in the tub. But I want to go downstairs and scrapbook a little too. Hum--what should I do??? Decisions, Decisions!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I've been officially released from bedrest! It feels soooooo good!
Well, I go to the doc today--hoping for the official release from bedrest--even though I've been disobeying docs orders since Sunday!

The past two days have been absolutely beautiful! Played outside with the boys most of both afternoons. Emily came yesterday and took H back with her to take him to Papaw's to spend the night! Felt really wierd to have only one kid at home! N hated it when they left--he couldn't understand why he couldn't go--poor thing! And of course, since his playmate was gone, I had to entertain him!

Nevan can count to 11 by himself! It's funny, he gets to 11 and starts back over at 8! He's one smart little cookie! He learns sooooo much from H! And he's really doing quite well with potty training. Even though I haven't really "worked" with him! The other day, he wore big boy undies all afternoon with only 1 accident! I'm amazed!

Well, gotta go take a shower--Emily's gonna keep N while I go to the doc today so I have to leave early!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here's a pic Mark took of me yesterday. Comparing it to the last one taken, I don't really look that much bigger! YAY!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More updates

Went to the doc on Thursday--my appt was supposed to be at 12:15, but after waking up at 3 a.m. nauseous and my back hurting--and then vomiting and having diahrea--I called and got my appt moved up. Turns out it was probably just a touch of the stomach bug that's been going around. Luckily, it didn't last long! Harrison had it later that day--once vomiting and that was it. He never acted like he felt bad. So that was good! Just had to wash all the padding and stuff on his car seat, because of course, he did it in the car!

I did have a little change this week--I'm now 80% effaced and the baby's head is at 0 station now. Still 2 cm dialated. I asked the doc about getting off the bedrest and he said they had actually discussed letting me up some this week, but since I've been sick and had just a little change, he suggested I still lay low. Darn it! I was dehydrated a little too--probably from the stomach thing. Oh and I was having more contractions too--nothing regular though. Probably caused by being dehydrated. Although, I've been trying to drink more water, I'm still having about 1 an hour. That's more than I was having. Dare I post it--my weight was at 168--still not too bad since I started at 143 (I think!). So that's what? 25 lbs? Right on target for suggested weight gain--I've got a little over 5 more weeks to my actual due date and 1 lb a week would put me right on 30 lbs. I've definitely done better this time around in that regard. Oh, and the doc said I measured a little small, but that's probably because the baby is so low.

I'm gonna get Mark to take another pic of me today--I'll try to figure out how to post it here!