Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just more milestones...

Just a note to self that Pierson can now push himself up to sitting position from hands and knees. And he's like a little racecar driver in the walker!! He's running all over the place!

Friday, December 28, 2007


My little bitty baby is crawling! :( I absolutely am not ready for this! He should NOT be big enough to do it!

He's been trying so hard for over a week now and he finally figured it out. He did it a little this morning at home, but this evening at the LLL meeting, he just took off. He felt he needed to show off! Little booger!

So, in other news...Christmas was fun, but I'm ready for the boys to settle down now. They've been hyped up for days! Thing is, we still have to celebrate at daddy's on Sunday! UGH! Harrison has really enjoyed the block and marble set we (oops!) Santa--got for him. It wasn't something he had asked for, I just thought it looked cool. He played with it ALL day Christmas Day and wants us to play with him! Nevan just wants what everyone else has--no real surprise there! He does like his GeoTrax stuff though. And Pierson just wanted the paper and bows! He was cute! He seems to like his little Fisher Price House thing Santa brought--he opens the door and just giggles! Oh, and H & N both have had to "camp out" in their bedroom every night since they got the sleeping bags! May have been a hard year financially, but I think we pulled Christmas off pretty well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost forgot!

Tried feeding Pierson the pureed zucchini I made for him back in the summer. Did this on Monday, the 17th. He's not ready for food. He gagged on it and the proceeded to projectile vomit it back at me! YUCK! We'll just stick to nursing for now! LOL!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My poor blog--probably feels like it never gets any lovin'! LOL!

We're desperately trying to get ready for Christmas around here. The boy's gifts are all bought and we got a good majority of them wrapped this morning. But since they only have one more morning of preschool this week, they MUST be done tomorrow!

We've already celebrated with my extended family on my mom's side--did that on Saturday. It's always nice to see everyone--since this is the one time of year that we all make an effort to get together! That's pretty sad actually... But, everyone is so busy nowadays. Myself included!

Sunday was the Christmas Program at church--Pierson was Baby Jesus! He only lasted about 15 seconds on stage though! He was tired and I think the bright lights were bothering him. Poor girl that played Mary was a little upset that he was upset...I think she thought she did something wrong. She was sweet. Surprisingly, Harrison and Nevan both went up with the Wee Singers! They didn't sing, but they did go up! That was good enough for me!

Tonight is Harrison's Christmas Program at preschool. Rumor has it that Ms. Terri has bribed the kids to sing! LOL!

And I've GOT to find a Santa to take the boys to! It won't be Christmas without a visit to Mr. C!! I'm willing to bet that the good one in Newton is done this year--he's not there long. :( Reminder to self to call Daddy and see if he found out anything about him! If he's done, maybe I'll try the one that's gonna be at our bank on Friday. At least it's a Santa!

Thought about taking the boys to McAdenville this week to see the lights. We'll see about that though.

Someone on a website I visit was saying we needed an extra week in December just to get stuff done for ourselves--without kids, husbands, etc! I agree! I'm pooped!

Pierson's ever closer to crawling...he gets up on his hands and knees and lunges forward to get to whatever he wants. It's gonna be some experience trying to get the older 2 to keep their stuff picked up so P can't eat it! We realized he could sit by himself at our Christmas Photo Shoot--the boys had been sitting behind him and he was kinda propped up against them. Well, when it was over, H and N got up and left P sitting there! He's been sitting by himself ever since! And he waves the cutest little wave and says what sounds like, "Hey". We'll go with it and consider it his first word! He's been doing that for about a week. He can't grow up! :(