Friday, December 28, 2007


My little bitty baby is crawling! :( I absolutely am not ready for this! He should NOT be big enough to do it!

He's been trying so hard for over a week now and he finally figured it out. He did it a little this morning at home, but this evening at the LLL meeting, he just took off. He felt he needed to show off! Little booger!

So, in other news...Christmas was fun, but I'm ready for the boys to settle down now. They've been hyped up for days! Thing is, we still have to celebrate at daddy's on Sunday! UGH! Harrison has really enjoyed the block and marble set we (oops!) Santa--got for him. It wasn't something he had asked for, I just thought it looked cool. He played with it ALL day Christmas Day and wants us to play with him! Nevan just wants what everyone else has--no real surprise there! He does like his GeoTrax stuff though. And Pierson just wanted the paper and bows! He was cute! He seems to like his little Fisher Price House thing Santa brought--he opens the door and just giggles! Oh, and H & N both have had to "camp out" in their bedroom every night since they got the sleeping bags! May have been a hard year financially, but I think we pulled Christmas off pretty well.


Lisa J. said...

OMG I can't beleive he is crawling already! WOW! And the boys seem to be really pleased. So glad you had a nice Christmas.

Deanne said...

Congrats on your little one crawling!!! You have 3 of the cutest boys!!!