Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is coming! I feel it!

Well, yesterday was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! I don't know what the high temp ended up being, but I know they were calling for 73*! Nevan was excited because I FINALLY called his little girlfriend's mom to set up a playdate. We decided to meet after school at the playground, just because that is easy! Breleigh is a beautiful little girl and she is just CRAZY about Nevan! LOL! They are something else! You should've heard the two of them when it was time to leave, coming up with all kinds of reasons why one or the other of them needed to come to the others house NOW. LOL! We live so close it's not like it'll be hard to get them together! While we were there, P's little girlfriend from MMO showed up! They were a funny little pair too!

I should be cleaning right now, but I'm always such a procrastinator! I've got two girls coming over tomorrow evening for a "Cricut" party! We're just gonna have a good time, scrapping or whatever and we'll get the chance to use a cart we might not have. I did get the basement vacuumed, but I'm seriously considering getting after it with a mop too...We're not even gonna talk about what upstairs looks like!

And my P is less than one month away from being 3 years old!!! OMG! And let me tell ya...he's already working on that 3 year old attitude! UGH! I always said 3 was worse than 2!!! I have no idea what to do for his party...especially since that will be Easter weekend too! I may just invite family and leave it at that.

I started Weight Watchers last Thursday. Tomorrow will be my first official weigh-in. I hope I've lost something! I've been really good and the only "sugar" I've had was in the Baked Oatmeal I made over the weekend. I've been eating fruits instead of the sugary stuff. One good thing that has already happened with ME being on WW is, the boys are eating more fruit! I bought some big bags of frozen mixed fruit at Sam's and we've almost eaten the whole bag! If I leave it frozen, they think they've got popsicles! Speaking of...I think I'm gonna go get some blueberries!

Did I tell you Izzy broke her leg??? On Valentine's Day?? Yep! Sure did!!! We're still not real sure how she did it other than she fell wierd off the bed when Mark was playing with her. She's already out of the splint and acts like nothing happened! She'll go back to the vet in a week and a half and will probably be given the okay to go full steam ahead! Thank goodness she is young and still growing, or that break would've meant surgery!!!

Well, better go reload the dishwasher before time to pick H up from school!