Monday, October 29, 2007

Growing like weeds...

my boys are, that is! Where does time go??? My "little" Harrison can see over the kitchen counter and reach into the sink! And the other day, he pulled a chair up to the counter so he could reach his candy! Nevan speaks in full, understandable sentences--which he's always talked well for his age, but it just seems like he's doing it more often. And Pierson, last Friday, he sat by himself for about 15 seconds--then yesterday, he did it even longer! Took him to the doc last Wednesday and he was 16 lbs. 9 oz.! 27.5 inches long! I think he's starting to cut teeth--he chews on everything! He's fascinated with his hands. And he grabs anything I'm trying to hold onto. Oh, and he watches you like a hawk when you are eating! It's soooo funny! Got the go ahead to start him on some solids--haven't done it yet because the batteries in the camera were dead and I want to get pics! LOL!

In other news...I finished the Halloween costumes and we went to Trunk or Treat at church last night. Got waaayyyyy too much candy but had a great time! Their little dinosaur costumes turned out great! We will go to my dad's on Halloween night for supper and more Trick or Treating. The way H is acting this morning--he doesn't need any more candy! He's in timeout right now and laughing about it! What am I gonna do with him??? BOYS!

Can you believe there's less than 2 months until Christmas???? I better get a move on if anyone's getting anything from us this year!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TSS Croptoberfest!!!! Come play!

Nothing too exciting here on the home front. I'm trying to get my scrappy room cleaned up so I can have a scrappy Halloween party! Gotta get the invites out TODAY!! Hope my friends will come play with me--if they don't, I'm gonna think I stink or something!

I will hopefully be playing with my cyber-buddies this weekend--you can join too! Its Croptoberfest at Lots of challenges and games--if you sign up by Friday at 11 pm, you can play Bingo with us! We always have lots of fun! Go check it out!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Neglecting the blog...

Boy have I been neglecting things here! What's happened in the past--say--6 weeks???

Pierson can roll over now, he's getting better at sitting up, and it won't be long til he's crawling. Not looking forward to 3 mobile kiddos! UGH! Weighed him yesterday, and he was 17 lbs! Not so little anymore! We got the car bouncy seat thing out for him the other day--and he loves it! Doesn't seem like he should be big enough to sit in it! Harrison and Nevan started back to preschool--Nevan was clingy and whiney the first few days, but now he walks in and doesn't even look back! I'm enjoying the peace and quiet 3 mornings a week!

Been doing as much scrapbooking as possible. I have been participating in a few contests--that seems to get me more motivated and the challenges keep me creative--most of them make me think outside of my normal little box! And that is good! I've created some of my most favorite pages in the last couple of months. Here's something really exciting! Check out this link: I'm the featured scrapper!!! How cool is that??? This is at my FAVORITE scrappy website--it's where all my "cyber" buddies are!

Mark and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss on Sept 21st. We managed to get away from the kiddos for the evening and went to enjoy a quiet dinner at Kobe's. YUM! We splurged and ordered the "Anniversary Special" for dessert--cheesecake, a song sung in Japanese, and a polaroid pic! I'll have to scan the pic and put on here--it's funny! And isn't it funny how priorities change? 5 years ago, I was telling Mark that he would be buying me a bigger diamond for our 10th anniversary!! Yeah right!!! I'll be lucky to get another piece of jewelry anytime in the next 20 years!!! LOL!