Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Took the boys today and we attended our first MOPS meeting. It was at one of the organizer's house where we had "Picnic by the Pool". Well, I forgot to go to the FIL's and get the boy's life vests thingys. I thought we'd be okay. But NOOOOO! Harrison had to go and fall in! Luckily, it was in the shallow end and I was standing right there! Felt like I was moving in slow motion to get him pulled up! Thank goodness I didn't panic and when I got him up he had not tried to breathe under water! He was scared, but after a few minutes, he was ready to get back in again. Sure hope that doesn't happen again!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Been awhile...again!

Haven't really updated in a while--or so it seems! Not much going on around here other than I am working on routines/schedules for the boys--and by golly! I'm sticking with it this time!! I've been inspired by a book titled, "Nanny Wisdom". Alot of it is stuff I've heard before, but now I feel I can conquer it! I'll have to make this quick because right now is supposed to be "quiet time"--if they nap, fine. If they don't, that's fine too. We all just need a break! And let me tell ya--a kitchen timer works wonders!!! And Mark better not even think of getting us messed up next week when he's off! It will take the better part of a month to get it really set!

Sis is keeping Pierson tomorrow while Mark and I take the boys to Dan Nicholson Park! It's Freightliner's company picnic there tomorrow and we've been wanting to go anyway. I can't wait! Which reminds me--gotta go charge the cameras!

Pierson, Pierson, Pierson...As of this morning, I've decided I'm going to exclusively pump and give him his milk in bottles. Extra work, yes. But, somehow, it seems easier with him. We just didn't have a great start and after 3 months, I'm tired of trying. I feel like a failure. I know I'm not, but...this is what mothers do to themselves. I'll probably change my mind by this evening!

Well, I have 4 minutes to complete this update.
Now I have 1:46 to complete this update.
I can't wait for quiet time! Maybe I'll cat nap too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm still here

Summer always seems to be so busy--even though we really haven't "done" anything! The boys want to stay outside all the time and when we come in--laundry, dishes, other house work has been neglected. And I don't want to do them! So then I go scrap! LOL! You would think the house would stay decent since we aren't inside--WRONG!

I think we are on the downhill side of potty training for Nevan. He's been doing really good this week about going to the bathroom on his own--when he needs to! Could it really be that we are getting closer to only having to buy diapers for 1??? I sure hope so!

I've been contemplating just pumping for Pierson and giving it to him in a bottle. He still doesn't have that good of a latch all of the time like he should. It's tiring for me (and painful!) but do I really want to have those bottles to keep washed? And pumping takes time too. I don't want to put him on 100% formula. I don't know. I never wanted to give up so early in the game with the other two. But they were a lot easier to nurse.

Harrison's going thru what I hope is the I'm-4-I've-got-an-attitude phase. I've been about ready to strangle him! Yesterday, we went to the playground w/ Tammy & Anna and took their bikes. Well, his training wheels weren't quite even, so the bike wobbled a little. He wouldn't ride it and fought with Anna for hers! After a warning and a timeout--the third offense sent us packing our stuff back in the car and coming home. He screamed the whole way--and then some! Then tonight, he and Nevan dumped about half a box of Cheerios in the living room floor and were playing in them! Punishment for that was no TV at bedtime. Nevan cried a little, but you would have thought I'd killed Harrison. He finally settled down and went to sleep. He's gonna learn that I mean business!

That's all the excitment here!