Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger!!!

Man, I've been bad at keeping up with posting here lately! I think I'll blame FACEBOOK!!! LOL! Man, that site sucks up the time!

What's been going on here? Just the usual I think. Pierson learned how to pedal a tricycle last week and he cut his first 2nd year molar!!! No wonder he was so cranky! The older 2 went to the dentist last week and both have cavities to be filled...won't that be fun?!?!?!

I've been dappling in some digi/hybrid scrapping...really more hybrid. No offense, but I think the digi embellishments look fake! That's just me! But learning that Photoshop is a PAIN! Man, there's sooooo much to learn! I've got a VERY basic understanding of it. My trial version runs out in 2 weeks and I told Mark that I wanted the purchased version for my bday. We'll see if I get it!

We officially became members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church two Sundays ago...we'd been going back and forth about moving our membership since St James was a 30 minute drive. That drive made it hard to really be active. But we visited Holy Cross again about a month ago, and the deal was sealed! After Sunday School, Harrison asked if we could go to SS there EVERY day! That's all I needed to hear! If my kiddos like going there, then that's where we'll go!

Well, that's an update on the oh-so-exciting happenings around here!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


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I sure hope these videos loaded and that the one isn't sideways! If it is, I apologize! I forget that I can't shoot video vertically! started snowing about 3 hours or so ago and we've already got at LEAST 5 inches! School has already been cancelled and the boys are soooo excited about playing in it tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm excited about it too!