Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wow! Did I fall behind or what???

I didn't complete my Thankfulness journal...I didn't complete my December Daily...I didn't do the Holiday's in Hand class! I guess there's always next year! :)

We had a great Christmas. The boys got a Boxer puppy named Izzy on Christmas Eve...Mark and I met one of Santa's elves to get her since Santa couldn't bring her on his sleigh. ;) And then, on Christmas morning, the boys both got Nintendo DS's!! It was the ONE gift each said they'd want if they could only have one...and Santa HAD to come thru!!!

I can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve! But I am sooooo glad to be putting 2009 behind us. I hope and pray that 2010 is better to us! DH's temporary job at the BMW plant is over...but he's expecting to get called back...we're just waiting. In the meantime, he'll be signing back up for unemployment. I applied for a job with Gaston Co. in the tax far, no word. Something, somewhere has GOT to give!!!

I hope everyone has a great New Year!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

No pic today...

but today I am thankful for a good chilly, rainy day to help get my Christmas spirit churning! I don't usually start really getting into Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this weather just really put me in the mind of it...almost felt like it should be snowing, but I know that's not gonna happen around here anytime soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More thankfulness...

For yesterday, thankful for my big boy and that he is happy and has lots of friends!

This was the pic with their silly faces...and truthfully, it turned out better than the one of them being "normal"! :)

And today, thankful for ALL 3 OF MY BOYS! Thankful that they are healthy. Thankful that they seem to be happy. And even though they drive my crazy most of the time, I am most THANKFUL that they are MINE!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm getting behind...

I do have pics for the days I've missed, but am too busy to go upstairs and get them off the camera! But I HAD to post this one TODAY! In honor of my Nevan, who will turn the big 5 tomorrow....I'm thankful that the Lord blessed my body with the ability to grow children in my womb, to bring them into this world NATURALLY, and to nurse them at my breast. And I'm even MORE thankful that I DON'T look like this today! LOL! This pic was actually taken 2 days before Nevan's birth! Boy, was I HUGE!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holidays in Hand class?

Anyone else doing this over at

Well, yesterday was the first day and our assignment was to write down our values and goals for the Christmas season. So, what do I value this time of year??? Time with family and friends. Making our own traditions here with the boys. I'm forced to really think about what a GIFT it is that God sent his only Son to Earth to pay for OUR sins!

What are my Goals??? To make the time with family and friends as stress-free as possible!!! And I just got the reminder of how stressful it can be today! My poor grandmother is insisting on cooking a meal for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. She wants to get us all together but frankly, I don't really care to be around my drunk uncle and his ungrateful children! Since Mark and I are both from broken homes, there are just too many places to go and not enough time to do it all. We have to pick an choose where we go for the holidays now. We already have plans with Mark's sister and family on Thanksgiving Day. If we can work it out to see my dad's side of the family that evening, that's fine. But I'm not gonna kill myself trying to get everywhere! My grandmother doesn't need to be cooking a big meal for all of us anyway...she shouldn't even spend the money! But you can't tell her that!

So, I just have to remember that we can't be everywhere at one time. I CAN say no, and we'll see them when we see them!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I thought I was gonna be behind...

but I'm NOT! :)

On Saturday, the sun shone and it was in the mid 70's! Gorgeous day! I was very thankful for the blue skies and that the boys could play out in it!

Yesterday, I was thankful for Little Caeser's cheapie pizza!!! It kept me out of the kitchen!!! That's always good!

And today, I am thankful for a hubby who buys me THIS! He supports my habit! LOL!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful...Day 2

Wow! I remembered!

Today's pic...

Today, I am thankful that I can read and study the Holy Bible without the fear of persecution for doing so. I am also thankful that I can worship him in the way I feel comfortable and see fit. There are many variations of Christianity and, in MY eyes, no one way of worship is better than the other...all that matters is that you BELIEVE and have FAITH and TRUST in our LORD! The book with my Bible is the study material for the current Bible study I am doing. Although I haven't attended like I'd intended to and am sooooooo far behind on my "homework", I still enjoy going to the class and I benefit from it when I do!

In today's pre-class prayer, the woman leading said something that really hit home. I don't claim to be the most devout, studious, faithful Christian. I actually feel a little pang of jealousy when I meet those people who are just "IN" the Lord's everything they do! So, I often find myself questioning my Belief and Faith. But the woman today said, "God is waiting on US to be ready for HIM." We can't force it, we can't pretend...we have to be truly ready to let go and let GOD. I guess I've never really gotten ready enough yet...but one day, I will have that "moment" and I WILL know and will be at peace from my struggles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's November and I am THANKFUL!!!

Some of you have seen the posts on Facebook where each day you are supposed to write in your status about something you are thankful for. Well, I wasn't doing it on FB, but my friend Kathy over at took it a step further for us! She "challenged" us to do this same thing, but take a picture of whatever we are thankful for. I'm game!!!! This would be soooo easy to turn into a mini-album later...a gratitude journal, as Kathy put it! This is a great way to remember that there IS a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas and we should take time to reflect on it and celebrate it!

So, at this very moment, I am thankful for these...
Yep...that's right! Teddy Grahams and the Ice Age movie! They are keeping my kiddos mostly quiet on this day off from school while their daddy is sleeping! And I am VERY thankful for that...because we really don't want to wake daddy at noon!

Thanks Kathy for the just stay on my tail so I don't forget it! LOL!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sickies here...

And it's not me!!! Pierson ran a fever that started Thursday evening...and with his history of super HIGH fevers, I went ahead and took him to the doc on Friday. They tested him for both flu and strep...both were negative. By Friday evening, he was back to his normal self! But Friday afternoon when Harrison came home from school, he went directly to our room and got in the bed. That's not TOO unusual for him especially since it was a rainy afternoon and he just wanted to watch TV. But, I went in there and you know how you KNOW something's wrong just by looking at them? He was running a fever too! He's still running one today but no other symptoms of flu. (which is a good possibility that he has it because our niece tested positive for H1N1 on Friday!) So I restocked our Elderberry supply, got some probiotics for everyone, and got the sickling some Echinacea with Goldenseal to use while he's sick. Wonder who will be next? Probably me since kiddos ALWAYS want their mommies when they are sick! In the meantime, I'm cleaning and disinfecting everything the kids touch's exhausting!

And my baby he's growing up too fast! That little stinker slept in the big boy bed last night...with Nevan to cuddle with! I thought they were just gonna end up playing when we put them together, but after turning out the light, we didn't hear anything after about 10 minutes! I guess it's gonna be time to FINALLY turn the crib into a full size bed! :(

Here's a couple of pages I've done in the past week...the wedding page was my first for the challenge at I had trouble reading the ENTIRE challenge...therefore, I didn't follow the directions! LOL! Ended up having to do another to fulfill the requirements! LOL! And the Christmas page was one I put together this morning with some Scenic Route stuff. Man, do I hate they are going out of business!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I tried to update earlier in the week...

but I couldn't remember my stupid password!!!! DOH!

Anyway...I wanted to let you guys know that the 1st Challenge for October is up at It's a fun one! I really enjoyed working on the page I made for it!

AND....Tomorrow is the reveal for the projects I created as the Guest DT member for October over at!!!! I've been having a lot of fun with the VERY generous kit that I received...and even after all my assignments were completed, there STILL lots left over! Go check them out!!!!

I think I'm getting a little cold...I'm actually hoping it's just allergies! So, I went to the natural foods store and picked up some Elderberry's supposed to be good for defending against the H1N1...I'll do anything as long as it's NOT getting that shot! Anyway, I think it's supposed to boost your immune system all around, so it can't be bad to be taking!

I'm excited AND nervous since tomorrow I am doing a photo shoot of a family from church! I've NEVER done this kind of thing before, but the mom had seen pics I'd taken on my facebook page and asked me if I'd be interested in doing it! I've done a ton of research...hoping to learn how to get the best poses and shots...but I think it's just gonna boil down to me pressing the shutter button A LOT and hoping for the best! :) Wish me luck!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not usually a very political person...

but I think the time has come to start BEING a political person! This whole "health care reform" crap has really got my blood boiling! And I keep questioning, "HOW did we let our government get this BIG?" So big that they've forgotten WHO they WORK FOR!!! So big that they want to control how we receive care when we are sick!!! This informative and very eye-opening article really got me thinking yesterday...if you feel so inclined, please read it! It doesn't matter which side of the fence you're's good to know the history of "health care" in our country and where it's taken us...along with another (I think) brilliant possible solution!

This one's good too...

Oh, and sign me up here too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new challenge is up!!!

At Moments Recorded! I've really got to learn how to get a link to there in my links list...anyway, it's, and it's a really fun one!

And it's not often that I get to do a girly page...but I just did this for a friend. This is her daughter at her 1st birthday party...she was a sleepy little girl (hence the thumb-sucking and hair-twirling!)and she's just sooooo cute! It's not a real elaborate page...except for the flowers. And they are as hard as one might think thanks to the ladies at and

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sharing...

Since I've got just a minute...

I realized that I photographed this page a few days ago and that I never posted it anywhere! So I'll post it here first!

I edited the photo in glad I'm learning how to use that program!!! Although, I know I don't even know 1% of what it will do! I used some older MME, some paper from one of those HUGE slabs that I just HAD to have, K&Co Chipboard, Adornaments fibers...

Sorry the pic isn't the greatest...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gotta try to keep this thing up!!!

Gotta get back in the habit of posting on this thing! LOL!

Well, yesterday was the 1st day of school...Harrison's first day of first grade!!! WOW! He had a good was hard to get him up at 7:20 am, but I finally got him going. I could tell he was super tired last night though...we went to eat and he had a total meltdown in the restaurant because I told him he couldn't watch TV when we got home because it would be too late. ARGH!!!
I don't think it took him long to go to sleep last night and he was already awake when I went to get him this morning. I took him to school again today and walked him to his class...he wanted me to...AWWWWW!

More good news (we hope!) came yesterday. Mark got calls from 2 different trucking companies...and he will be headed to Atlanta on Sunday to begin training with one of them! This career change has been hard on us both...and after the horrible time he had with the last company, I can only PRAY this will be better. He knows this is our only option right now and that he's gotta stick it out...I just don't want him to be miserable! I know what it's like to be miserable in a job!!! So, if you are so inclined...please say a prayer for him!

I've been scrapping!!! Stress chased my mojo away for a few weeks...but it's slowly coming back! I finished up this page yesterday. I used the Sept '09 Guest Design Team sketch from for this one. I just hate I didn't get it finished before the deadline! It was a fun sketch to work with! Cosmo Cricket papers were used here....

Now, I'm off to finish up a page for the October GDT sketch at Back Porch Memories!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


WHY oh WHY can't I get a link to work on here?!?!?!? I use that little "insert link" button thingy, paste in my address, and NOTHING! PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong!!!

I am soooo ashamed!!!

How LONG has it been since I updated this thing??? LOL!

Hold on...gotta go get the little guy out of bed...

So...lets see. What has happened in the last 2.5 months. I did make the DT for Moments Recorded. And I could've sworn I posted here about the August Challenges!!! Well, I'll post now...GO CHECK OUT THE AUGUST CHALLENGES AT MOMENTS RECORDED!!! I had a lot of fun with them...and let me tell ya...I just finished September's...OMG! FUN! FUN! FUN! If you like to think out of the box a little and use some stuff that one normally wouldn't use...check back for September!

DH went back to school. He already had his CDL driver's license but had never used it. Since unemployment was paying, he went back again. He took a job with a company that hauls flatbed...he HATED it! Quit after Week 5 of 7 weeks training. It wasn't the driving or even the being away from was making sure those loads were secured correctly...he just couldn't get comfy with it. So, that was a week and a half ago. He started putting in applications again on Wednesday. I'm just hoping he gets a job SOON! We are beyond broke! And I'm stressing!

We did get to enjoy a short trip to Myrtle Beach. My dad called last Friday evening and asked if we wanted to go to the beach THE NEXT DAY!!! YIKES! Of course I said yes, and immediately started running around here like a chicken with my head cut off...doing laundry and packing! We came home on Tuesday. It was nice to get away...even better that we only had to buy food and gas!

Harrison starts back to school next Tuesday!! I am sooo ready! LOL! We went last night and met his teacher...she's young and spunky...I think he's gonna like her. I had a hard time getting him to leave the classroom after meeting her and seeing his desk!

With all the stress of all that's been going on scrappin' mojo LEFT THE BUILDING! And just returned about 2 days ago! I'm hoping to take advantage of it being here and get lots done while I can! Off to get started on something that I can show you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Found this cool site...

it's a scrappy challenge blog...designed to help a person use their stash! I certainly need help with that! LOL! I found them thru the Scrapbook Calls blog because they are looking for a few design team members...I decided to apply! Check them out here: Even if I don't make the DT there, I'll still be checking them out when the new challenges are issued!!!

PS...why can't I ever get links to work right???

Monday, June 1, 2009

My babies are growing up....

:( Both Harrison AND Nevan decided to learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels yesterday!!! Can you believe it??? I can't! Especially Nevan...he's only 4!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 posts in one day??? Could be a record!

No, I wanted to tell you guys to check out this site!!!

But more particularly, check out this post!!!

Who wouldn't want to get some of those goodies! So yummy!

Shout it from the rooftops!!!!!

Well, not YET! But I wanna! Got some news to share and it's KILLING me!!! Monday can't get here fast enough!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grouchiness explained...

Couldn't figure out why Pierson was in such a foul mood on Tuesday. He wanted to be held constantly and he had 3 horrible diapers! YUCK! Well DUH!!! It's called another TOOTH! His 2nd year molar on the top right was just barely thru the gum. Then I felt bad for calling him Crabby Abby!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here's the blinkie for the crop...


Doesn't that look like fun?!?!?!?!

Last Scrapper Standing...

Wanna join a scrappy contest??? It's 6-weeks'll be happening over at I'm sure it's gonna be lots of fun and I can't wait for it to get started! The kick-off is this weekend, May 2nd!!! Go over there and check it out!

Well, it's the little things...

that make a mother happy! :) Pierson went #2 in the potty yesterday!!! It was just luck that I "heard" him and ran him to the bathroom! I really wish he'd get the hang of the #1 thing first...he goes and sits on the potty, but ends up doing his business just minutes later in his diaper/pull-up. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nat'l Scrapbooking Day FUN!

So, all my scrappy friends will know that this weekend is NSD!!! And what could more fun than a crop...organized by none other than our Michelle...a bonafide Jenni Bowlin DT member!!! She's also our leader over at and we love her to death! She has promised that this crop/contest will get you thinking outside the box...and will help to not only decorate your scrapbook pages, but to also help decorate your home!!!! How cool is that???? So get your glue guns ready and come over and join us!!!! I know it's gonna be lots of fun!

Here's a link!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My poor, neglected blog....

Has it really been a month since I've updated this thing??? Last I posted, I was talking about the boys having cavities to be filled. Those got done today!

I figured it was waaayyyyyy past time for me to change my background...I think winter is OVER! At least I hope it is! Looking forward to 80* temps this weekend!

I have absolutely nothing to write about here! LOL! I must get back into a routine of updating!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger!!!

Man, I've been bad at keeping up with posting here lately! I think I'll blame FACEBOOK!!! LOL! Man, that site sucks up the time!

What's been going on here? Just the usual I think. Pierson learned how to pedal a tricycle last week and he cut his first 2nd year molar!!! No wonder he was so cranky! The older 2 went to the dentist last week and both have cavities to be filled...won't that be fun?!?!?!

I've been dappling in some digi/hybrid scrapping...really more hybrid. No offense, but I think the digi embellishments look fake! That's just me! But learning that Photoshop is a PAIN! Man, there's sooooo much to learn! I've got a VERY basic understanding of it. My trial version runs out in 2 weeks and I told Mark that I wanted the purchased version for my bday. We'll see if I get it!

We officially became members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church two Sundays ago...we'd been going back and forth about moving our membership since St James was a 30 minute drive. That drive made it hard to really be active. But we visited Holy Cross again about a month ago, and the deal was sealed! After Sunday School, Harrison asked if we could go to SS there EVERY day! That's all I needed to hear! If my kiddos like going there, then that's where we'll go!

Well, that's an update on the oh-so-exciting happenings around here!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Posted by Picasa

I sure hope these videos loaded and that the one isn't sideways! If it is, I apologize! I forget that I can't shoot video vertically! started snowing about 3 hours or so ago and we've already got at LEAST 5 inches! School has already been cancelled and the boys are soooo excited about playing in it tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm excited about it too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgot to mention...

My baby...yeah, the littlest one (I know that's not a word!)...he sings his ABC's!!! Sort of... LOL! He has the tune down pat! Goes from "a" to "g" and then "p" is intelligible...he's so funny! The other morning, he was awake in his bed, just a-singing! What a trip!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What a GLORIOUS day!

Absolutely GLORIOUS!! The weather was just perfect...sunny, 70*-ish...I had the windows open in the house to air it out...drove with the windows down...wore short sleeves... Spring fever will arrive SOON! LOL! Not only was the weather great, I had no kids for 3 hours this morning. 30 minutes after N gets home from preschool, he's off with his Papaw Vernon. Then about 30 minutes after that, P goes down for his nap. Picked H up from school and he stayed at Anna's to play. So, for the better part of this day, my house has be utterly QUIET! OMG! Do you know what that sounds like? I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!

I didn't have the luxury of just sitting and enjoying the peace...I worked my tail off! Had to start sorting toys that had been boxed up for 2 years so I could see if any of it would be sale-able (is that a word?) at the consignment sale I'm doing. HOW...just HOW...did we accumulate soooooo many toys??? I got most of them gone thru...matched up all the I need to price them and all that stuff. I haven't even started on clothing yet! ARGH!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Issues, issues, issues...

Been having computer issues and have been busy changing all my passwords and changing email addys on the sites I frequent...not a fun job, but it must be done. In a nutshell, my PayPal acct got hacked...someone got $200 from our checking account...I had to file a police report...and I'm still waiting on the detective to get in touch with me. There was more drama to it than all that, but I don't care to rehash it here!

So, word of advice...change passwords frequently! If you can't remember them, go to and download the KeePass creates a database that you access with one password and then it saves all your User Names and passwords...that way, they can all be different without driving you nuts trying to remember them all!

One more word of advice...remember to teach your children AND your not-so-computer-savvy parents about Internet safety!!!!!

Well, I'm off to work on a mini-album for my Grandma for her birthday! Gotta have it done by tomorrow and lucky for me...I got the perfect sketch for the cover in my email from Sketches {by Tamara} this morning! going to go be creative!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can it be???

That my baby MAY be ready for potty training??? NO! It can't be! He's not that old yet! (I'm in denial!) The last few days, he comes to me and tells me, in his little grunting way :), that he needs his diaper changed...and he wants to sit on the potty!!! Believe me, the idea of not having to buy so many diapers is GREAT, but I'm just not ready for my baby to be a big boy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A sneaky peek...

Wanna see all of it??? Go here!

This is for their March Guest DT Call...needed something to get me creating again, and I think this worked!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Battling the sickies...(not a post for the squeamish!)

Thursday was a glorious day....NOT! I was awakened at 5 am by Nevan who proceeded to vomit all over me! In MY bed! So NOT the wake up call I wanted. Got up and got H off to school. At noon, his teacher called me to come pick him guessed it! He was vomiting too! By 3 pm, Pierson had joined the crowd! Friday, we thought it was all over. Saturday, Harrison bday party, woke to find P had vomited in his bed at some point in the night...scary thing is I never heard him! I thought maybe he'd just got choked or something. I had put him down for his nap prior to the party and when Mark went to get him, he'd vomited again! He and Mark spent the party in our bedroom, quarantined! Then Mark started last night...he's been in the bed all day. You know how men are when they are sick! And now, I don't feel nauseous, but there's this lump in my throat and I'm afraid it's gonna come up after while.....ARGH! Make this crap leave my house! I swear, my washer and dryer have run NON STOP since Thursday! I've gone so far as to wash ALL bedding...including pillows! I've gone thru half a can of Lysol and I don't know how many Clorox wipes...and if I wash my hands one more time, my skin's gonna fall off!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laid off AGAIN!!!

We knew it was probably coming, but damn!!! It doesn't make it any less hard to take! Mark's last day is March 13th...befitting for a Friday the 13th!!! I know what this means for us this time...Mark will HAVE to go on the road weather we like it or not. Only thing he's gonna do different this time, is he's gonna go back thru the schooling
again because there's a really good flat bed company he wants to work for that will accept students right from graduation. At least unemployment will pay for that! God, it just makes me soooooo mad!

Off to see what my friend found out about positions open at her office for me....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yep...FINALLY weaning my baby...started working on it over Mark's Christmas break because I knew the nights were gonna be BAD!!! At least I anticipated them being bad...but they really weren't as bad as I expected them to be. The first night, the little guy cried for about 45 minutes before he decided to give up! After that, he'd whimper for about 10 minutes and then cuddle up and go back to sleep with me. There have been a couple of nights in the last week, that he's slept from 8-9 pm to 6:15 am!!!! OMG! ALL NIGHT LONG! Of course, I still wake up, but I'll get over that soon. It's just so hard for me to let my baby grow up!! I swear, since he started walking 2 months ago, he's grown sooooo much!!! He went from baby to big toddler in an instant!!! I'm definitely gonna miss that bonding and cuddle time I've had with him...and all my kids! I just have to come to terms with the fact that this is a chapter of our lives that is coming to a close! Breastfeeding is such a miracle and a joy...I'm so glad I had the chance and was able to give that to my children!

The only side effect we've noticed...he now will hold saliva in his mouth (and sometimes food!) for HOURS!!! It's sooo aggravating because we think he's got something in his mouth he's not supposed to have, so we literally have to pry his mouth open to make sure there's nothing in there! Esp before bedtime! I don't know what he gets out of it?!?!?!

I've met lots of wonderful women through my involvement with La Leche League...friendships that will continue long after I've stopped nursing! If you are reading this and you are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, know someone who's pregnant...I encourage you to breastfeed! It's a beautiful thing...only made ugly by idiots in the US that think the breasts are only sexual organs and have marketed them that way! And if you are/will be breastfeeding...find a LLL group near you and learn and grow in your nursing experience!!

Off my soapbox now!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

He makes my heart melt!

Yesterday morning, Harrison climbed in bed beside me to cuddle...don't get that much anymore from him since he's almost 6 and thinks he doesn't need his momma! So, I kissed him on the cheek and he says, "Mom, when you kiss me like that, it makes my whole body melt!" AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! HOW sweet is that??? Then 5 minutes later I'm ready to tie him up by his toes because he and Nevan are fighting! Gotta love having kiddos!

And I WISH we had a video camera...Pierson has been pretending to be a dog. He crawls around on the floor, pants, and then says, "ARF! ARF!" It is too funny!!! He really isn't old enough to be playing like that, is he??? I got a rude awakening the other day when I was talking to Mark about preschool for Nevan next was then that I realized my BABY will be going to preschool next Fall too!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!! :(