Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holidays in Hand class?

Anyone else doing this over at jessicasprague.com????

Well, yesterday was the first day and our assignment was to write down our values and goals for the Christmas season. So, what do I value this time of year??? Time with family and friends. Making our own traditions here with the boys. I'm forced to really think about what a GIFT it is that God sent his only Son to Earth to pay for OUR sins!

What are my Goals??? To make the time with family and friends as stress-free as possible!!! And I just got the reminder of how stressful it can be today! My poor grandmother is insisting on cooking a meal for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. She wants to get us all together but frankly, I don't really care to be around my drunk uncle and his ungrateful children! Since Mark and I are both from broken homes, there are just too many places to go and not enough time to do it all. We have to pick an choose where we go for the holidays now. We already have plans with Mark's sister and family on Thanksgiving Day. If we can work it out to see my dad's side of the family that evening, that's fine. But I'm not gonna kill myself trying to get everywhere! My grandmother doesn't need to be cooking a big meal for all of us anyway...she shouldn't even spend the money! But you can't tell her that!

So, I just have to remember that we can't be everywhere at one time. I CAN say no, and we'll see them when we see them!


sharyncarlson said...

Hi there! Just stopping by from HIH! Have you read the prompts yet? I think they look great; can't wait to get started on the album. Good luck with class and your goals!

tyme2blog said...

You are off to a great start for the class. I agree you should have as little stress over the holidays as possible. You just have to remember it is impossible to please EVERYONE anf YOUR family is top priority.