Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nevan FINALLY got the front tooth he'd been missing! (It's the one next to the center right bottom.) I'm sooo glad because I'd look at him and think he'd knocked it out and then would remember that it hadn't come in yet! This is one of those teeth that is usually one of the first to come in--I guess he just had to be different!

AND! My baby just laughed! I swear it! I'm sitting here nursing him and he starts laughing! At first I thought he was crying, but he was just a smiling! It's soooo cute!

We had a really bad storm tonight. I knew one was coming so I got the boys in the tub about 7 pm. By 7:30, I had them out and I was trying to find clean jammies for Harrison when it started. As soon as it started the lights started flickering and I knew the power was gonna go. And it did--for about 2.5 hours! The wind was horrible and after about 10 or 15 minutes upstairs, I decided we needed to be downstairs. That was fun trying to get three boys down the stairs by candlelight. And as we get downstairs and about halfway to my scraproom (the refuge!) I hear the pop and the BOOM of lightning striking REALLY close! Scared the boys to death--like they weren't already scared! Scared me too. I hate storms! It did that another time too. But we survived. By 8, I was on the cell talking to Mark--telling him all about it. Harrison wanted to talk to him so I gave him the phone. He said, "Daddy, you have to come home right away!" He was so pitiful! Made me want to cry! When I finally thought it was safe to go back upstairs, I asked Nevan if he wanted to go sleep in mommy's bed. He shook his head no. I knew he was tired. So we stayed down stairs a few more minutes and then he said, "I wanna go to my bed." He was asleep by 10 after 8! Read Harrison a few more books and he was out. The little pumpkin? Well, he's still going strong! Thinking he's starving to death!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pierson's check-up

Took P for his 2 month well-check today. He now weighs 9 lbs. 5 oz.!!! He's 21.5 inches long, his head circ. is 15". This is pitiful, but he's only in the 3rd and 4th percentiles on his height and weight. I commented to the doc, "He's a big one, huh?" LOL! He can't help it! Doc isn't worried about the percentiles though because he's growing appropriately. He has really good head control and is in perfect health. Poor thing got 2 shots and a new oral vaccine for Rotavirus. He's been a little fussy this evening and of course I have no Tylenol for him. I meant to pick up some at Baby's R Us this evening when I went to buy diapers and forgot it. It was pouring rain and I wanted to hurry home!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


He REALLY smiled! (Pierson, that is!) And he will do again if you kinda tickle his chin a little. So cute! And he just spit up all over me--YUCK!!! I'll try to get a pic--of the smile that is!

Okay. Is it hot enough? It seems like it's too early in the season for it to be so hot, but I guess it really isn't. After all, we are into June now! 90*+ just kills me! One good thing is that it drains the energy out of the boys too--and if I can keep them from taking a nap, they go to bed really easy! I was just thinking about what we were gonna have for dinner--I think a good tomato sandwich would be wonderful--but I don't have any "good" tomatoes--YET!

Today was Megan's & Anna's last day of school. Tammy and I were just trying to think up some things to do to keep everyone busy. Free movies at the theatre on Tues/Wed and a trip to the Schiele Museum and The Science Center. And there's always the pool--but I don't like to go if I don't have an adult for each child--that's gonna be hard this year! Oh, and we can do storytime at the library too. We'll have to come up with some other stuff.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Okay, yes, I'm an idiot! LOL! I started this blog, really to remind myself of things that happened during my pregnancy. Cause we all know my memory is about 1/2 second long! Then, I started using it to remind myself of those baby milestones. Cause you know I've got to put it in the scrapbook! I also started this as a journal for myself. I used to keep a journal ALL THE TIME! It was fun. I enjoyed it. Loved reading MY past. So today, I remembered that I had given all my friends the link to my blog. Never did it occur to me that someone (other than my cyber sb friends) would still be reading it! LOL! (Thanks Tobie!) So if you are in IRL friend, I implore you to make comments here so that I know you've been here! That way, when I see you IRL I won't bore you by repeating the happenings of my life that you've already read about! Please don't make me become my mother! She starts telling me about something that she's already told me about and I have to stop her. It's awkward. I don't want to be like my mother! LOL!

So now on to more of my babble. (It makes me happy!) Went to the chiropractor again today. The x-rays were quite interesting--esp. since I could spot the problem before she really pointed it out! The problems in my neck are caused by the fact that my neck no longer has that natural curve backward that is should. Mine is straight as a stick--almost curving the opposite direction! What causes that? She asked if I was at a computer alot... LOL! The problem with my back is caused by the fact that one of my hip bones is about 1/2 inch higher than the other. (wonder why?) It's causing my spine to curve ever-so-slightly to the left. She thinks that once my hips are back in line, that my back will straighten up again. I love it when she pops my neck--its heavenly!

Have I told you about our garden? (I told you my memory is short!) We've always wanted to plant a big garden but never got around to it. So to try our hand at it, we planted veggies in the flower bed! We planted a row of green beans, some cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and FIL has some tomato plants for us. I also planted some marigolds, snapdragons, and celosia. (I think that's the name of it) Anyway, we did this last Saturday. Well, the cucumbers, squash, and zucchini are all coming up! So are the marigolds and celosia! I'm watching my green beans like a hawk now! I'm soooo scared they won't come up! And there is nothing better than fresh green beans! I can taste them now! YUM!