Friday, June 1, 2007


Okay, yes, I'm an idiot! LOL! I started this blog, really to remind myself of things that happened during my pregnancy. Cause we all know my memory is about 1/2 second long! Then, I started using it to remind myself of those baby milestones. Cause you know I've got to put it in the scrapbook! I also started this as a journal for myself. I used to keep a journal ALL THE TIME! It was fun. I enjoyed it. Loved reading MY past. So today, I remembered that I had given all my friends the link to my blog. Never did it occur to me that someone (other than my cyber sb friends) would still be reading it! LOL! (Thanks Tobie!) So if you are in IRL friend, I implore you to make comments here so that I know you've been here! That way, when I see you IRL I won't bore you by repeating the happenings of my life that you've already read about! Please don't make me become my mother! She starts telling me about something that she's already told me about and I have to stop her. It's awkward. I don't want to be like my mother! LOL!

So now on to more of my babble. (It makes me happy!) Went to the chiropractor again today. The x-rays were quite interesting--esp. since I could spot the problem before she really pointed it out! The problems in my neck are caused by the fact that my neck no longer has that natural curve backward that is should. Mine is straight as a stick--almost curving the opposite direction! What causes that? She asked if I was at a computer alot... LOL! The problem with my back is caused by the fact that one of my hip bones is about 1/2 inch higher than the other. (wonder why?) It's causing my spine to curve ever-so-slightly to the left. She thinks that once my hips are back in line, that my back will straighten up again. I love it when she pops my neck--its heavenly!

Have I told you about our garden? (I told you my memory is short!) We've always wanted to plant a big garden but never got around to it. So to try our hand at it, we planted veggies in the flower bed! We planted a row of green beans, some cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and FIL has some tomato plants for us. I also planted some marigolds, snapdragons, and celosia. (I think that's the name of it) Anyway, we did this last Saturday. Well, the cucumbers, squash, and zucchini are all coming up! So are the marigolds and celosia! I'm watching my green beans like a hawk now! I'm soooo scared they won't come up! And there is nothing better than fresh green beans! I can taste them now! YUM!


Brandi said...

Hey! I love reading your blog. I like to keep up with how you and the kids are doing. As you know it's sometimes hard to find time to sit and chat with someone on the phone, so this is great! I've planted a garden,too and have squash, cukes, tom's, corn, hot and sweet peppers and onions. My plants have started coming up, too. The last time I had a garden I fertilized it with either MiracleGro or Peterson's plant food once a week and I had so much produce I couldn't keep up with it! Anyway, thanks for the updates and good luck with your garden.


Jenn Breault said...

You are not an idiot! Making babies kills our memory :) Hugs!