Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nevan FINALLY got the front tooth he'd been missing! (It's the one next to the center right bottom.) I'm sooo glad because I'd look at him and think he'd knocked it out and then would remember that it hadn't come in yet! This is one of those teeth that is usually one of the first to come in--I guess he just had to be different!

AND! My baby just laughed! I swear it! I'm sitting here nursing him and he starts laughing! At first I thought he was crying, but he was just a smiling! It's soooo cute!

We had a really bad storm tonight. I knew one was coming so I got the boys in the tub about 7 pm. By 7:30, I had them out and I was trying to find clean jammies for Harrison when it started. As soon as it started the lights started flickering and I knew the power was gonna go. And it did--for about 2.5 hours! The wind was horrible and after about 10 or 15 minutes upstairs, I decided we needed to be downstairs. That was fun trying to get three boys down the stairs by candlelight. And as we get downstairs and about halfway to my scraproom (the refuge!) I hear the pop and the BOOM of lightning striking REALLY close! Scared the boys to death--like they weren't already scared! Scared me too. I hate storms! It did that another time too. But we survived. By 8, I was on the cell talking to Mark--telling him all about it. Harrison wanted to talk to him so I gave him the phone. He said, "Daddy, you have to come home right away!" He was so pitiful! Made me want to cry! When I finally thought it was safe to go back upstairs, I asked Nevan if he wanted to go sleep in mommy's bed. He shook his head no. I knew he was tired. So we stayed down stairs a few more minutes and then he said, "I wanna go to my bed." He was asleep by 10 after 8! Read Harrison a few more books and he was out. The little pumpkin? Well, he's still going strong! Thinking he's starving to death!

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