Monday, February 25, 2008

One sick and a full night's sleep!

Harrison very suddenly started running a fever Sat. evening, ran it all day yesterday and wouldn't eat/drink. I just KNEW it was the flu! Took him to the doc this a.m. and my suspicions were confirmed! So now Mark is at the pharmacy getting 5 prescriptions for Tamiflu filled--hopefully that will keep the rest of us well!

On a positive note--Pierson slept ALL NIGHT!!! I awoke with a jolt when I realized it was daylight and he wasn't in bed with me!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to catch up...

Well, just a small update--and a reminder to myself about things that have happened recently that I need to remember! Pierson got his top left center tooth on February 5th--the right one popped thru yesterday! And the little booger pulled up yesterday!! WAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Harrison's "big" teeth are coming in VERY crooked! Gonna start saving for the braces NOW! UGH! (And the dentist was sooo impressed at the amt of room between his teeth and wasn't worried about him having room for his adult teeth--we'll see what they say next month when he goes back!)

Last week was a rough week--it had rained some and was chilly so I wouldn't let the boys go outside to play. That was HORRIBLE for them and ME! I was ready to tie them up!! Thank goodness that Friday and yesterday were nice!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where did January go???

Wow! I haven't been here since December! Let's see if I can recap!

Had Harrison's 5th Birthday party on the 12th. Spiderman themed. Lots of kids and lots of fun! Can't believe he's 5! Discovered he had 2 loose teeth on the 17th--he lost BOTH of them yesterday! So, we've had our 1st visit from the Tooth Fairy!!!

Nevan had an ear infection.

Pierson had double ear infections--spent Friday night (a week ago) in the ER because he was running 103* fevers at home. Fever spiked to 105.4* while at the hospital!! He was a sick fella! Ran a fever for 4 days!!!! He's much better now!

I helped with preparations for the LLL of Lincolnton's Consignment Sale and helped yesterday at the sale. I was pooped!

Boys are at the Circus today with Papaw Tim and I'm enjoying some peace and quiet!!!