Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can it be???

That my baby MAY be ready for potty training??? NO! It can't be! He's not that old yet! (I'm in denial!) The last few days, he comes to me and tells me, in his little grunting way :), that he needs his diaper changed...and he wants to sit on the potty!!! Believe me, the idea of not having to buy so many diapers is GREAT, but I'm just not ready for my baby to be a big boy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A sneaky peek...

Wanna see all of it??? Go here!

This is for their March Guest DT Call...needed something to get me creating again, and I think this worked!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Battling the sickies...(not a post for the squeamish!)

Thursday was a glorious day....NOT! I was awakened at 5 am by Nevan who proceeded to vomit all over me! In MY bed! So NOT the wake up call I wanted. Got up and got H off to school. At noon, his teacher called me to come pick him guessed it! He was vomiting too! By 3 pm, Pierson had joined the crowd! Friday, we thought it was all over. Saturday, Harrison bday party, woke to find P had vomited in his bed at some point in the night...scary thing is I never heard him! I thought maybe he'd just got choked or something. I had put him down for his nap prior to the party and when Mark went to get him, he'd vomited again! He and Mark spent the party in our bedroom, quarantined! Then Mark started last night...he's been in the bed all day. You know how men are when they are sick! And now, I don't feel nauseous, but there's this lump in my throat and I'm afraid it's gonna come up after while.....ARGH! Make this crap leave my house! I swear, my washer and dryer have run NON STOP since Thursday! I've gone so far as to wash ALL bedding...including pillows! I've gone thru half a can of Lysol and I don't know how many Clorox wipes...and if I wash my hands one more time, my skin's gonna fall off!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laid off AGAIN!!!

We knew it was probably coming, but damn!!! It doesn't make it any less hard to take! Mark's last day is March 13th...befitting for a Friday the 13th!!! I know what this means for us this time...Mark will HAVE to go on the road weather we like it or not. Only thing he's gonna do different this time, is he's gonna go back thru the schooling
again because there's a really good flat bed company he wants to work for that will accept students right from graduation. At least unemployment will pay for that! God, it just makes me soooooo mad!

Off to see what my friend found out about positions open at her office for me....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yep...FINALLY weaning my baby...started working on it over Mark's Christmas break because I knew the nights were gonna be BAD!!! At least I anticipated them being bad...but they really weren't as bad as I expected them to be. The first night, the little guy cried for about 45 minutes before he decided to give up! After that, he'd whimper for about 10 minutes and then cuddle up and go back to sleep with me. There have been a couple of nights in the last week, that he's slept from 8-9 pm to 6:15 am!!!! OMG! ALL NIGHT LONG! Of course, I still wake up, but I'll get over that soon. It's just so hard for me to let my baby grow up!! I swear, since he started walking 2 months ago, he's grown sooooo much!!! He went from baby to big toddler in an instant!!! I'm definitely gonna miss that bonding and cuddle time I've had with him...and all my kids! I just have to come to terms with the fact that this is a chapter of our lives that is coming to a close! Breastfeeding is such a miracle and a joy...I'm so glad I had the chance and was able to give that to my children!

The only side effect we've noticed...he now will hold saliva in his mouth (and sometimes food!) for HOURS!!! It's sooo aggravating because we think he's got something in his mouth he's not supposed to have, so we literally have to pry his mouth open to make sure there's nothing in there! Esp before bedtime! I don't know what he gets out of it?!?!?!

I've met lots of wonderful women through my involvement with La Leche League...friendships that will continue long after I've stopped nursing! If you are reading this and you are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, know someone who's pregnant...I encourage you to breastfeed! It's a beautiful thing...only made ugly by idiots in the US that think the breasts are only sexual organs and have marketed them that way! And if you are/will be breastfeeding...find a LLL group near you and learn and grow in your nursing experience!!

Off my soapbox now!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

He makes my heart melt!

Yesterday morning, Harrison climbed in bed beside me to cuddle...don't get that much anymore from him since he's almost 6 and thinks he doesn't need his momma! So, I kissed him on the cheek and he says, "Mom, when you kiss me like that, it makes my whole body melt!" AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! HOW sweet is that??? Then 5 minutes later I'm ready to tie him up by his toes because he and Nevan are fighting! Gotta love having kiddos!

And I WISH we had a video camera...Pierson has been pretending to be a dog. He crawls around on the floor, pants, and then says, "ARF! ARF!" It is too funny!!! He really isn't old enough to be playing like that, is he??? I got a rude awakening the other day when I was talking to Mark about preschool for Nevan next was then that I realized my BABY will be going to preschool next Fall too!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!! :(