Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm still here

Summer always seems to be so busy--even though we really haven't "done" anything! The boys want to stay outside all the time and when we come in--laundry, dishes, other house work has been neglected. And I don't want to do them! So then I go scrap! LOL! You would think the house would stay decent since we aren't inside--WRONG!

I think we are on the downhill side of potty training for Nevan. He's been doing really good this week about going to the bathroom on his own--when he needs to! Could it really be that we are getting closer to only having to buy diapers for 1??? I sure hope so!

I've been contemplating just pumping for Pierson and giving it to him in a bottle. He still doesn't have that good of a latch all of the time like he should. It's tiring for me (and painful!) but do I really want to have those bottles to keep washed? And pumping takes time too. I don't want to put him on 100% formula. I don't know. I never wanted to give up so early in the game with the other two. But they were a lot easier to nurse.

Harrison's going thru what I hope is the I'm-4-I've-got-an-attitude phase. I've been about ready to strangle him! Yesterday, we went to the playground w/ Tammy & Anna and took their bikes. Well, his training wheels weren't quite even, so the bike wobbled a little. He wouldn't ride it and fought with Anna for hers! After a warning and a timeout--the third offense sent us packing our stuff back in the car and coming home. He screamed the whole way--and then some! Then tonight, he and Nevan dumped about half a box of Cheerios in the living room floor and were playing in them! Punishment for that was no TV at bedtime. Nevan cried a little, but you would have thought I'd killed Harrison. He finally settled down and went to sleep. He's gonna learn that I mean business!

That's all the excitment here!

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