Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sickies here...

And it's not me!!! Pierson ran a fever that started Thursday evening...and with his history of super HIGH fevers, I went ahead and took him to the doc on Friday. They tested him for both flu and strep...both were negative. By Friday evening, he was back to his normal self! But Friday afternoon when Harrison came home from school, he went directly to our room and got in the bed. That's not TOO unusual for him especially since it was a rainy afternoon and he just wanted to watch TV. But, I went in there and you know how you KNOW something's wrong just by looking at them? He was running a fever too! He's still running one today but no other symptoms of flu. (which is a good possibility that he has it because our niece tested positive for H1N1 on Friday!) So I restocked our Elderberry supply, got some probiotics for everyone, and got the sickling some Echinacea with Goldenseal to use while he's sick. Wonder who will be next? Probably me since kiddos ALWAYS want their mommies when they are sick! In the meantime, I'm cleaning and disinfecting everything the kids touch's exhausting!

And my baby he's growing up too fast! That little stinker slept in the big boy bed last night...with Nevan to cuddle with! I thought they were just gonna end up playing when we put them together, but after turning out the light, we didn't hear anything after about 10 minutes! I guess it's gonna be time to FINALLY turn the crib into a full size bed! :(

Here's a couple of pages I've done in the past week...the wedding page was my first for the challenge at I had trouble reading the ENTIRE challenge...therefore, I didn't follow the directions! LOL! Ended up having to do another to fulfill the requirements! LOL! And the Christmas page was one I put together this morning with some Scenic Route stuff. Man, do I hate they are going out of business!!!

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