Monday, February 9, 2009

What a GLORIOUS day!

Absolutely GLORIOUS!! The weather was just perfect...sunny, 70*-ish...I had the windows open in the house to air it out...drove with the windows down...wore short sleeves... Spring fever will arrive SOON! LOL! Not only was the weather great, I had no kids for 3 hours this morning. 30 minutes after N gets home from preschool, he's off with his Papaw Vernon. Then about 30 minutes after that, P goes down for his nap. Picked H up from school and he stayed at Anna's to play. So, for the better part of this day, my house has be utterly QUIET! OMG! Do you know what that sounds like? I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!

I didn't have the luxury of just sitting and enjoying the peace...I worked my tail off! Had to start sorting toys that had been boxed up for 2 years so I could see if any of it would be sale-able (is that a word?) at the consignment sale I'm doing. HOW...just HOW...did we accumulate soooooo many toys??? I got most of them gone thru...matched up all the I need to price them and all that stuff. I haven't even started on clothing yet! ARGH!!!!!!!

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