Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still pregnant! 37 wks 2 days and counting...

Man oh man did I forget how miserable the last month of pregnancy can be!!! Actually, I think I'm experiencing things this time that I didn't with either of my other two--like sciatic nerve pain--OUCH! Took me almost 5 minutes to get out of bed this morning! And, I feel like I've been kicked (and probably have been) in the ribs repeatedly! Don't remember that one. If this baby is as low as they say he is and still kicking my ribs--he must be long! LOL! And my back hurts constantly! Went to the doc this morning and gained 4 lbs in a week!!! NOT GOOD! I have this craving--but I don't know what it's for--so I just eat hoping I'll find what it is I'm wanting. We've got to stop that! Especially if I don't want a 10-pounder! They didn't check me today, so I don't know if I've made any more progress or not.

Okay, as I type this, H is telling N, "Let me feel your belly so I can check on your baby!" LOL! Too funny!

Nevan went for his pre-op appt today for his tubes. The surgery date is set for April 2nd--IF I don't have a baby by then. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck!

Nevan has been really whiny today--wonder what's up with him?? He still needs another front tooth--could it be that he's finally gonna get it? Or maybe it was his bout with having bathroom trouble today. Maybe his belly still hurts. Or it could just be that it's been too chilly and drizzly to go outside today.

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Rachael said...

Hang in there Jenny! There is an end in sight! Shouldn't be too much longer before you are holding a beautiful baby boy! :) Good luck with the tubes, they really do work wonders and they are in out and really quick! (((HUGS)))