Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, I go to the doc today--hoping for the official release from bedrest--even though I've been disobeying docs orders since Sunday!

The past two days have been absolutely beautiful! Played outside with the boys most of both afternoons. Emily came yesterday and took H back with her to take him to Papaw's to spend the night! Felt really wierd to have only one kid at home! N hated it when they left--he couldn't understand why he couldn't go--poor thing! And of course, since his playmate was gone, I had to entertain him!

Nevan can count to 11 by himself! It's funny, he gets to 11 and starts back over at 8! He's one smart little cookie! He learns sooooo much from H! And he's really doing quite well with potty training. Even though I haven't really "worked" with him! The other day, he wore big boy undies all afternoon with only 1 accident! I'm amazed!

Well, gotta go take a shower--Emily's gonna keep N while I go to the doc today so I have to leave early!

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elaine link said...

It's great to see you!@@!@!@@#@#@@##@#@#$@$
Good luck.
I know you are glad to be outside some.
Brenda and Lisa say hi!
I'm sharing news with them.
We keep saying prayers!
Love you!