Thursday, March 7, 2013


Surely it hasn't been over a YEAR since I blogged here?  I guess I've been busy!

I have continued with my scrapbooking...I've even found more time for away from home crops in the past year...which I have thoroughly enjoyed!  I learned to make pages without pictures...and it's taken my scrapping to a whole different level!  I can complete 20 pages EASY in one 12-hour crop!  It's insane!  I haven't done any design work.  Frankly, I got kind of burned out on it.  Plus, going back to work has really put a cramp in my time!  So now, I'm just scrapping for ME!

I'm working part-time at The Rock Fitness...a local, family owned fitness center.  We have 4 locations...two here in town.  Business has been booming!  I'm thankful that I fell into this job and I love my employers!  I was definitely at the right place at the right time!  Not only am I teaching classes, but I'm working the front desk and doing lots of admin stuff.  I love it!  I still teach a class at the Y here in town, and I teach some Saturdays at the C'ville Y.  I'm in the process of getting my BodyPump certification, so I'll be helping a Y in Charlotte with their launch...and I guess I'll get to teach some there too!  Sometimes, I don't know weather I'm coming or going!  :D

The boys are growing like weeds.  I can't believe they are 10, 8, and soon-to-be 6!  Pierson loves Kindergarten!  Nevan has made Conductor's Club TWICE!!! (2nd grade's equivalent to straight A's)  Harrison was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD in September.  I chose not to medicate him at that time and the school set up an IEP to get him some extra help.  It didn't seem to help much.  When report cards came out about a month ago, I had a letter from the principal stating that he was at risk to fail 4th grade.  As much as I hated it, I called the doctor for the meds.  He's been on Strattera for 17 days.  We started him with a starter pack that increase the dosage gradually...but when we got to the 40mg pills, after 2 nights, he was grouchy and seeing things.  He had an appointment with the doctor the next day.  I gave him the lower dose that night.  The doctor suggested that we try giving him the lower dose twice a day...that maybe breaking up the dose would work better with less side effects.  Today, he had the most AWESOME day at school EVER!  Seriously...probably the best day since Kindergarten!  His teacher texted me just after lunch to tell me he was doing well.  Then this evening, he had 4 long division problems to work.  I think he understood the method they are using better than me!!!  He didn't argue.  He didn't get distracted by his brothers!  At one point, when N turned on a video game, I asked N to turn it down so that Harrison couldn't hear it.  Harrison replied, "It won't bother me.  I can just tune it out."  Is this my child?!?!?!  I texted his teacher to tell her how well he was working on his homework and her replies just made me so happy I wanted to cry!!!

First, when she was explaining their math to them, Harrison was figuring it out before she even had it written on the board!  He would ask her if he had it right and was sooooo excited to be getting it before everyone else!!!  Then, his best friend wasn't feeling well in class so he laid his head down and went to sleep.  Any other time, Harrison would not have noticed it.  But today he said, "Man!  Langdon never goes to sleep in class!"  He was just very aware of things today.  Their class made cards to send to another teacher's son who is graduating from Cooking School in the Navy.  His teacher said that Harrison put so much thought into it that he drew a ship and named it the USS Marvin! (Marvin is the guy's name!)   No other student even thought to do that!

 I'm so extremely happy for him today!!!!  I still don't much care for having to medicate him, but if it's working, it will be worth it.

We're supposed to add another med to the mix on Saturday...I guess we'll see how it goes...if he even needs it!

I want to document his progress...and I think this blog is gonna be the place for it.  I don't know how much scrappy stuff will get posted...but I might throw in something every now and then!

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