Sunday, April 15, 2007

2 hour feedings!

UGH! We met with the lactation consultant yesterday and she told me that I needed to be feeding Pierson every two hours so that he would get enough milk to meet his caloric requirements. I set my alarm last night for every two hours--at the 5-ish feeding, I just laid him beside me in the bed to nurse and I went back to sleep! Have no idea how long he nursed or if he even did. I was sooooo tired! I also took a nap between the 12 noon and 2 pm feeding today. Lord I hope he has gained weight when we go back on Tuesday!

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday--I should NOT be that old/young! LOL! I feel like I should still be about 20! I'm sooo glad that most people think I'm younger than I am! Mark said he'd take me to Outback for dinner, but I'm not ready to take the little guy out yet. So, we'll postpone that till maybe the weekend.

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