Friday, April 20, 2007

Being mommy to 3!

Boy is that scary! I have to say the hardest part has been trying to find time to spend with the older boys so that they don't think I've completely neglected them. That's very hard to do between 2-hour feedings and being dead dog tired! Speaking of feedings--I hear him grunting now! And supper is ready! LOL!

Okay, I'm back. It seems like the older boys are fighting more, and getting into more, and doing stuff they know they aren't supposed to more! Probably doing it just to get attention. I really hate this part of having a baby--I know it won't last forever though. I've just got to find a way to get some quality time in with them! I feel so guilty! And you know what they've been doing that drives me nutty? Repeating themselves! H will tell me the same sentence 10 times! Like I'm deaf or something! ARGH! And I've acknowledged that I heard him! It's not like I ignore him completely! And interrupting--how do I stop that? Anybody with advice whose BTDT?

Pierson got his first tub bath last night. He actually liked it! His skin is still soooo dry--he looks like a little snake shedding it's skin!

I had his pics made today--by Catherine. She did awesome pics of the boys last fall and I couldn't wait to have her do pics of him. I can't wait to see the results--Mark's wallet can! LOL! (Thanks Catherine!)

I was gonna take P to the hospital and have him weighed again today, but I never got a call back. Maybe I'll try tomorrow--maybe they weren't working today. I worry about him losing weight. And I've really gotta wean him from this shield.

Well, we're taking the boys for ice cream--Harrison actually ATE his supper tonight, so that's the reward.

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Tsscrapin said...

Your boys are so cute... That picture of them is just darling!!!

As far as the interrupting my son is very bad at that too. So if you find a fix please share :)