Friday, October 24, 2008

Flu shots!

Took Pierson to the doc today for his 18 month well check...he's up to 25.1 lbs!!!! He's back on the growth chart for his age and doing well...except for the not walking thing. But doc didn't have a fit over that...said the same thing I did...he's lazy! Doesn't help that we pick him up whenever he wants us to! (BAD mommy!) So, while we were there, we got flu, Nevan, and Pierson. the only person left in the house who hasn't gotten one is H...and although it would be a lot of driving, I think I'll take him Monday after his dentist appt. HE'll still be doped on the valium from the dentist, so it should be a piece of cake for him! LOL!

My mom is moving in with us! YIKES! Could be good or bad...I'm hoping good! She's leaving her husband and has told him she wanted a divorce and would be out of the house as soon as she could find something she could afford...well all the low-income places seem to be full and there's no guarantee of when there might be an opening. So, we had told her in the beginning that if she needed a place to stay, she could come here. She kept saying no, but the other day I was talking to her on the phone and she was saying what a jerk the soon-to-be-ex was being and I told her again she could come here. Well, she took the bait! After I got off the phone I was like, "Oh MY GOD! What have I done?!?!?!?!" But DH is fine with it and I will be too. Just gonna have to lay out some rules and we should be okay. Besides, I'll have a built in baby sitter! DH and I might actually get to have a date more often than our anniversary!

Gotta go get some boys in the bed!

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