Thursday, October 30, 2008

Facebook could change my life! LOL!


I just met up again with an old friend from HS...our friendship turned my Senior year because I was being a real you-know-what and thru the years I had come to really regret that! Had always wanted to contact her and tell her I was sorry. When I found her on FB, I immediately, with no hesitation, sent her a message telling her that I wanted to apologize. I personally wouldn't have blamed her for not even acknowledging that I had sent her a message!!! But she DID!!! I really hope to catch up with her more!!!!

I even found a girl that I was friends with in elementary school!!! I changed schools in the 6th grade, so it was fun to find someone from that far back!

So now I'm kinda obsessed! Thing is, the people I really wanna contact aren't on there! Phooey to them! LOL!

On the is here. She still has LOTS to move, but she has the essentials. It's nice having someone here who washes the dishes daily! LOL!

Pierson is a crazy little monkey...just this afternoon, he climbed the entire flight of steps from the basement up to the living room!! But the little booger won't walk! Go figure!

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