Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rumors, Rumors

Well, Mark finally got to go to work yesterday. He tells me that the rumor going around now is that the layoff isn't gonna happen. Don't want to get my hopes up about that though--but that would be GREAT! There are also some talks of letting 1st shift work a week, then 2nd shift work a week.

Just a moment while I reprimand my 2 year old for playing with MY stuff and not his! I'm telling ya, some toys are going in the yard sale pile if they don't start playing with them! I'm tired of picking them up!

So, now. Where was I??? Oh, for Pete's sake! Now the little one thinks he needs to eat. GRRR! I'm trying to get him out of the every 2 hour routine--I feel like all I get done is nursing some days.

Okay. We're good. Had my first ever visit with the chiropractor today. I'm in love! She gave me a small adjustment today and let me tell ya! When she popped my neck--it was wonderful! She turned it one way and it popped. Then she turned it the other way--it sounded like machine gun fire! I go back Friday!!!

Okay, can we believe that tomorrow my baby will be 2 months old???? No, we cannot!!! I should post a new pic of his cute little chubby cheeks!

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Suzanne said...

Yes, we wanna see some update pics! I can't believe it's been two months...they grow up so fast. :-(