Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ooh!!! I hope this is a sign of how this year's gonna go!

Yesterday, Mark got a phone call. It was Tier One Solutions...the staffing agency for the BMW plant. They asked him to come back to work! And it's a permanent job!!!! It's still a lot less money than we are used to having, but Mark can still look for something else that's more money and closer to home. He goes in TONIGHT!!!!

AND!!!!! Just the icing on the cake!! I got accepted as a Design Team member at www.scrap-friendzy.com!!! I'm SUPER excited!!!

The boys are on Day 2 of snow days...we got about 7 inches of snow last Friday night and some side roads still aren't that clear. I PRAY they go to school tomorrow or I might have to start drinking!


Kaymin Kantina said...

Congrats on joining our design team! We're so excited to have you! Congrats to your hubby too on the new job!

Hugs & Happy Days!

Leah said...

So great that your husband got a job! And huge Congrats on the SF DT!