Friday, February 12, 2010


Can you believe it?!?!?! We are getting our 3rd snow for this winter season!!! This has to be the most wintery winter we've had in YEARS!!! It started about 4:15 and hasn't let up. We've got a couple of inches now... At least it'll get the boys out of the house tomorrow! :)

I'm hoping to get down to my scrap room after the boys go to bed. I want to participate in the weekend crop at!! I signed up for a scraplift challenge where we get paired up with another person...but they won't know who is lifting them until the end...kind of like a "secret admirer". I wanted to add some newer stuff to my SLIDE thingy so my "admirer" would have something to choose from...but I'm really on the wrong computer for that. Maybe she'll be able to find something! LOL! Normally, we'd have just picked from our gallery at SD4U, but the gallery isn't playing nice and won't let some of us upload...gotta love technology sometimes! :)

Somebody remind me to NOT buy cookies!!! That's all my boys wanna eat...along with the Valentine's candy they brought home from school today. UGH! Speaking of Valentine's...I'll have to upload the pic of the Valentines the boys took to school. They turned out really cute!!! I can't take credit for the idea of them...gotta thank the Family Fun website for that, but they were fun to make!

Well, let's go tackle bedtime! Wish me luck!

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Tammy said...

the crop sounds like fun!