Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm stalking...

The Memorable Seasons MB today...they will be announcing their new Design Team members today...maybe I'll be one of them! I don't wanna get my hopes up though...lots of tallent there! But what attracted me to the call was that the requirements of a DT member there are very doable for me! I wanna be on a DT, but I don't wanna stress over it either. We'll see later today I guess!

Same old, same old here...boys going to school, me playing on the computer or at my scrappy desk. We are getting our FREE carpet installed today! YAY! A comfier place in the basement for the boys to play! Got the carpet on's used, but the boys are gonna destroy it probably anyway! LOL! I guess I'll be cleaning carpet later!

Took H & N to the dentist this morning. Nevan was the one I worried about and he was an angel for them! Harrison on the other hand pitched a major fit! Dr. Bill finally got him settled enough to take care of him. He's gotta go back in a month to get sealants put on his 6-year molars that are already in! We got a nice little prescription of VALIUM for that day! LOL! That's gonna be FUN-NY!!!!

Here's a few pics I've taken with the new "baby"! LOL!


Lisa J. said...

Beautiful photography Jenny! Good luck with the DT position!

Alicia said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Your photos are looking awesome. Really shows how beautiful your boy's eyes are!

Valium for sealants.........he must have really been something in the dental chair. Good luck with that!

Melanie said...

Good luck! you are such an incredible scrapper!

Love those pics. What handsome dudes!

Kate said...

Good luck Jenny! You're awesome!

Love those photos too. Your boys are so photogentic. :)

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous pictures of the Roses!

Dettao said...

those photos are awesome!