Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lots going on...

Hum...shoulda looked to see when my last post was! LOL!

I guess the most exciting thing going on around here is that Harrison started school last Wednesday! My baby's a kindergartener!!! Where have the past 5 years gone??? He seems to really like it and he really likes his teacher...hope this continues! I always loved school (well, for the most part!) and I hope he does too! Nevan will start preschool on Tuesday. Boy the mornings are gonna be QUIET!!!! YAY! And, I have the opportunity to take Pierson to MMO 2 days a week...will probably only take him one, but it's nice to know I could have 2 mornings free if I wanted them!

Well, actually, I think this is the most exciting thing...Mark's back to work! YAY! And he found out on Friday, that he's gonna be on 1st shift for a while...possibly up to a year!!!! That makes me really happy, because on 2nd, he was never gonna get to see H! He may be losing his shift pay, but he'll make that back in gas since he can now carpool with his buddy! We are definitely breathing sighs of relief!

And, let me just say I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! He got me this:

I am having a ball playing with this and it's soooo much easier to see how different settings affect the pic when you can see the results immediately! I'm gonna play (hopefully next week) with my friend's new baby...maybe she'll be still for me! LOL!


Alicia said...

So happy you got that great camera! Didn't see that one coming!! Your shots are all coming out great.

Allie said...

Totally love the camera!! I almost got that one. Have fun playing!

NoraAnne said...

Wow, I LOVE YOUR CAMERA! I totally have camera envy...I want a new one SO bad but since mine is less than a year old, I don't think that's happenin! Have fun with it :)