Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!

Well, we've known for about 2 weeks now that Mark is going back to work!!!! Freightliner is hiring back about 650 of the laid off workers and he was high enough on the totem pole to be called back! He starts tomorrow!!!! It's gonna be an adjustment getting used to him NOT being here again! Thank goodness the boys will start school soon!!!!

Speaking of H's teacher assignment. Her name is Ms. Newell. Can't wait for SIL to get home today to see if she's been there or if she is replacing the teacher who retired. Here's a funny...when I told H his new teachers name was Ms. Newell, he replied, "I don't like Ms. NOODLE!!!" ROFL!!!! I corrected him and I PRAY he doesn't call her that when he gets to school! We have "Meet the Teacher" night on the 21st...may have to share the story with her! LOL!

I discovered that Pierson had finally cut his bottom right side molar a few days ago. One more molar to go and then eye teeth and he should be done!!! He's still not walking, but I'm not bothered! Not looking forward to chasing all 3 of them! LOL!

We went to the BEACH!!!! Yep! Took a MUCH needed vacation! After we found out that Mark was going back to work, we knew we didn't have much time and if we were gonna go, we had to go NOW! So we booked a room for 2 nights...ended up adding a night after we got there! The first night, the boys were sooooo excited! They were driving us NUTS! They wanted to do EVERYTHING right then! After the excited died down a bit the next day, they were great. H found a cool lizard at the Tanger Outlets...he was as green as a blade of grass on the cement, but when H got him, he changed to brown!!! I would have let him keep it, but we didn't have anything to put him in. He was really neat! Then one day on the beach, a guy had 2 crabs he had was as big as my hand!!! The boys were okay with them when the guy was holding them, but when he let them go and they started walking sideways, they were screaming! Found lots of sharks teeth too...Nevan actually found the biggest one and we think it's actually only HALF of one! I wish we were still there!

I think that's all that's been going on here. I'll post a few pics from our trip!

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