Thursday, June 12, 2008

A hasty decision....

OMG! I can't believe that Mark and I made this decision! Basically, he's back home. With no job!!! WTH?!?!?!?

Well, here's the whole long, drawn out story...We (the boys and I) went to SC Tuesday evening to stay the night with Mark. Since he wasn't sure he'd be going out Wednesday or not, we stayed in SC pretty much all day yesterday. I visited several scrapbook stores and just killed time. Mark finds out he won't leave until Thursday morning, so, he gets a new hotel room around 4 pm. We hang out a little and then go to dinner. Oh, during all this, my cousin calls and we decide to go visit her after dinner. On our way from my cousin's house to take Mark back to the hotel, I said something that I couldn't believe!!! I said, "If you just come home and draw unemployment, we still have our stimulus money and we're getting money from refinancing our house. Plus, with our refinance, we won't have a house payment until September 1. We can cancel the Dish service and internet if we have to." Yeah, I said that!!! So, somewhere between exits 50-something and exit 60, we decided that Mark was coming home. SCREW IT!!!! LOL! Ya'll, he was beyond MISERABLE! His nerves were so bad, he wasn't sleeping and his stomach was continually messed up. I couldn't sit back and watch my husband be in complete misery! I just couldn't! Like Mark said last night, being unemployed and trying to figure out how to make ends meet doesn't scare us as much as him being gone did! I still can't believe we did this!

But, while in SC, I found a really nice scrapbook store in Spartanburg called Scrapbook Creations. GREAT big crop area with all kinds of die cutters--I think I saw a Cricut Expression too (maybe that was the other store?). Anyway, you know what made me fall in love? THE KID'S PLAYROOM!!! Oh yeah! Shopping without having to listen to the boys fight and without having to make them keep their hands off of stuff! I walked in with all 3 of them and the ANGEL comes up and asks the boys if they wanna go play and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!! LOL! AND, this store has an ice cream/coffee shop on the other side! You could stay there all day and literally, not need to leave for anything!


Michele said...

Wow. I hope you don't have to cancel internet. sniff, sniff. It really is important for your husband to have a job he's at least not misserable at! hang in there! I'll be prayin' for ya'll.
(That scrapbook store sounds really cool!)

Kate said...

Something will come around. No use in being miserable and apart. You're in my prayers. :)

Tricia said...

what a huge decision! Although maybe you can reconsider the internet....what's a couple of bucks?

Melanie said...

Jenny, I am so glad you came together to make a decision. Together you can make this work.

Hang in there friend!