Saturday, March 29, 2008

Guess it's time for an update!

We had a great Easter. Went to church, to my grandma's for lunch, then to my dad's to hang out. The EB brought the boys kites and they had a ball trying to fly them!

Nevan is making strides in the pottying thing--he's gone 3 nights this week without peeing in his pullup at night! YAY! Could we be on our way to only 1 in diapers?????

We had some gorgeous weather this week which warranted lots of outside play! Did I post about Wednesday's playdate??? Man, I can't remember! I'll have to look! LOL! No, I didn't! Here's what I posted on the MB at Scraplove!

Let me just tell you...we had a great day overall! Except for about 5 minutes of it!The park we went to today is not my fav but it was where the playdate was and the boys needed to play! The playground is situated about 25-30 from some woods. There are some trails in the woods. THe one little short trail basically goes in on one side about 10 feet and turns and comes out on the right hand side--if the boys are on it, I can still see them the whole length of trail. That's fine.But today, I'm sitting on the bench talking with my friend and I had JUST looked to see where H was. He was right at the beginning of another trail and there were a bunch of other kids and moms there, getting ready to walk it. Well, not 30 seconds later, I look again and the group is walking down the trail. SO I figure H is following them. By the time I get in the woods, the group has turned the corner and I can't see them. All the time I'm calling for H. So I finally catch up with what I "think" is the group and they had SPLIT! So now I don't know for sure where H is! So I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and running up and down trails! What was maybe 5 minutes seemed like an eternity!!! Then I heard my friend call to me to say she had him! He was with the 2nd group--with a mom that I knew (I hadn't seen her in the group when they were getting ready to walk). I didn't know weather to hug and kiss him or strangle him when I got back to him! I opted for a scolding and then a hug and kiss and a cry!Needless to say, we've had several talks today about him ASKING permission to go ANYWHERE with ANYONE!!! I we will continue to have these talks until it is DRILLED into his head!!!'Bout scared me to death!!!!

Took some baby clothes to the consignment store yesterday and then went to the LSS. Got some of the new Cosmo Cricket papers and some cardstock. Then Emily came last night and we played until almost midnight!

Supposed to have a playdate today at the park, but we're back to winter weather today, so that's up in the air now!

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