Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crazy, crazy day...

Got up to whiney boys this morn. Harrison wanted to go to his "new" school--he doesn't understand that he can't go until August!!! And Nevan, well, I couldn't figure him out. Thought he was just tired. Got in the van to take him to school and he says, "Mommy, my ear hurts!" Great. So, I call our family doc and leave a message for him wanting to know if I should take him to the ENT since this is about the 3 or 4 ear infection he's had in the past couple of months. He said he thought that would be a good idea, so we're back to the ENT tomorrow at 2. Then this afternoon, took H to the dentist for a cleaning. Thought he had a tooth that needed a filling when we were there last time. This time, nothing! YAY! They were able to do his panoramic xray and he does have an extra permanent tooth to go with his extra baby tooth! Doc isn't real concerned about it right now, but stated that since we KNOW he's gonna need orthodontic work, that they would determine which extra tooth would need to be removed at that time. He said just to let him loose teeth like a normal kiddo and we'd deal later! Asked him about getting Nevan in for a cleaning--so he gets to go Thursday! And the doc also looked at P's teeth! I told him about him grinding them. They are SUPER nice at this dentist office!

Then momma tells me she's thinking of leaving Bill. Okay. Seems he's into something that she's not and it's ruining their relationship. Now that I think about, things have seemed "tense" the last couple of times we've been there. I just don't know where the road is gonna take her, but I hope it leads her to TRUE happiness. Finding a place to live and figuring out how to pay for it is one hurdle, but I guess she will figure that out. I did tell her that she could come live with us for a while if she needed to. I'm not gonna let her live on the streets! I just wish she'd find a man who doesn't have PROBLEMS!!!!! Or, maybe, she should just stay away from them all together!

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Regina said...

sounds like you have had a busy week.
Your kiddos are so adorable. Good luck to your mom!