Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow! Where did a month go?

We have been extra busy it seems--I can't keepup with where I'm supposed to be and when. Let me see what's been going on--in reverse order...

Yesterday met Christy and Camden in Newton to check out Old Soldiers Reunion festivities. Decided it was too darn hot to stay for the parade and went to daddy's. Ate dinner at J&S.

Wednesday--took boys to playground at Asbury.

Tuesday--THE DAY FROM HELL!!!!! Tammy and I decided to take all the kiddos to the mall to play in the cool. All was well until I got money out of the ATM so I could let the boys ride the carrousel. I put a $20 in the token machine and got $20 worth of tokens! Mall wouldn't refund my money, so I had to go around asking people with kids if they would buy the stupid tokens off me. All the while, Pierson is screaming because he's hungry and Nevan's crying cause I wouldn't let him ride the first round because he wasn't listening and was running off. My blood was boiling!!! I haven't been so upset, aggravated, mad in a LONG time! Then after I got rid of all the tokens, we went back to the play area so I could nurse Pierson. Nevan decides he'd rather be at the arcade and goes by himself!!!! He got a nice, long time-out for that since I couldn't beat him in public! LOL!

Monday--stayed here all day and the boys played with Anna.

Sunday--we were lazy and got up late--so we missed church. But went to the flea market instead--was too hot. ONly ended up staying an hour or so.

Saturday--hum--what was Saturday??? Don't remember...oh, I remember! DUH! How could I forget?!?! Took H to see "The Lion King" with Em & Stevie in Charlotte! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SHOW!!! Went to eat dinner with Mark's mom at RO's and Tony's!

Friday--a week ago--had to take Pierson to the doc because he had run a fever the night before. Didn't want to risk going the weekend and him having an ear infection or something.

That's as far back as I remember specifically--but in the last month, Harrison has had 2 weeks of swimming lessons, Both went to one Bible School with Anna, and then Nevan went to VBS at our church. Mark brought home 8 baby chicks--of which we still have 5. Mark's been working overtime--YAY! Pierson can roll over from his back to his belly. Oh, attended my friend's wedding in Clemson, SC on the 4th. We still have Anna's b-day party to attend and orientation at preschool on the 30th. Thank heavens that preschool starts Sept 4!!! I'm ready for that little break!

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