Friday, August 17, 2007

To make a bad week worse!!!

Nevan, my dear Nevan--the one whom I said would keep us in the ER....

He fell off the couch today (was probably jumping on it--he knows better!) and apparently had a stick in his mouth. Said stick punctured the roof of his mouth. Blood everywhere! Went to the ER and was only there about an hour. They said there really wasn't much they could do but put him on antibiotics and pain meds (I was hoping for something that would make him sleepy--not so lucky!) But now that it's not so bloody looking, there's a really nasty hole/gash in his mouth. I'm not sure I'm comfy just letting it heal on it's own. I'm thinking we may need a 2nd opinion. I'm really stressing about this and am so upset about it!

Now...where's that straight jacket?????

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