Monday, August 20, 2007

Okay--when's it gonna get better????

Here's the rundown of today's excitement...took N to doc for a check on his mouth--looking good. Phew! Came home to continue laundry and cleaning from last nights sickness. We figured out why SIL's carpet shampooer wasn't working--had a broken belt and it has to be ordered. I'm not waiting to get the darn thing so Mark goes and buys us a cleaner of our own! YAY! Didn't need to spend the money, but I want ALL the germs gone! Anyway, I digress. We got home from the docs and the boys went absolutely haywire! Harrison obviously was feeling better and OMG! Well, they are playing in there room when I hear a crash and Nevan starts screaming...I run to see what's going on and he has attempted to climb up their chest of drawers and it has fallen forward on him and has him pinned to the bed. I slam the chest of drawers against the wall!!! GRRRRR! I've had supports for that thing to anchor it to the wall for how long??? That's a whole other post! So, my nerves are shot. I get supper done and tell the boys we'll go out to play on the swingset for a few minutes before bath time. I notice 2 wasps on their teeter-totter thing and as I'm telling Nevan to come play at the other end of the set one just dive bombs him and stings him. This makes his 4th wasp sting this year! They love him for some reason!

What else could possibly happen next????? I'm exhausted!

Oh and not to mention all the issues I'm having with trying to figure out how to get the boys to listen to me! Mark seems to think a goo spanking is what they need, but spanking doesn't work. There's gotta be another tried and true method to straighten out their behavior! And I need to find it soon!

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Michelle said...

oh girl I feel your pain...hang in there and just remember they are only little for awhile!! Start taking toys away and putting them in garbage sacks making them think that they are going to be thrown away...and htey can not earn them till they listen!! Works every time!! Good luck to you hun!!