Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!!!

Did anyone go shopping????

I admit it!! I was one of the crazies at Walmart at midnight this morning!!! But I wasn't on the search for a cheap tv or computer...I just wanted the $20 Cricut carts!! LOL! And now that I have them, I can't decide weather I want to keep them or not! (NUTSO!!) Well, the reason I say that is, I found Sure Cuts a Lot 2 for $40 bucks this morning! Do I REALLY need those carts now??? Yeah, they're cute and all, but I'm trying to decide if I'll use them enough to justify the cost. We'll see! I did get some games for the boys too. It was fun! I just love watching all the crazies sitting in their lawn chairs down the aisles waiting in line for the big deals. That is just NUTS! I hope that if you were one of those "crazies" that you don't take offense!!! Different strokes for different folks, right??? :)

We had a nice laid back Thanksgiving. Headed to Tammy's at lunch. It was nice that that was the only place we had to go! I did go to Michaels too...they opened at 5 pm yesterday. Again...bought some paper I DIDN'T need and am considering returning it too! (buyers remorse???)

Just woke up an hour ago from a NAP! A nap!!!! Why did I take a nap that late??? I'll be up at 2 am again! Gotta teach Turbo at the Y in the morning I need my sleep so my brain will be functioning! LOL!

I hope all my cyber friends had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

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