Friday, August 13, 2010

Exciting stuff!!!

You know...we ALWAYS have fun stuff going on at Scrap-Friendzy. We're not gonna let you get bored and out of scrapping on a regular basis! So you MUST join us for Scrap U!!! The School for Scrappy Girlz!!!!! (and guyz!) The semester will begin on September 1st and I promise, you're gonna learn LOTS! (and I'm pretty sure, everyone's gonna pass!!!)

There will be challenges before school starts, so go over and check it out!!!

And as soon as I can figure out WHY Blogger won't let me upload the SF image, I'll be back to post it!!! Grrrr!!!
Edit...GOT it! LOL!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Totally loving your blog ...going to check out that fit blog ...sounds interesting ...