Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Got something FUN coming up for my scrappy peeps!!!

"Camp Friendzy: Where all the Scrappy Girlz go!"
Join us at Scrap Friendzy for a fun and challenging scrappy Summer!! You will have opportunities to earn merit badges (and chances to win) with every challenge you complete. You may also be crowned "Camp-Friendzy Camper of the Summer 2010" by the votes of your fellow campers and camp couselors. Register now to attend the scrappy camp where everyone will want to be this summer. The first challenge/ contest will be posted on Monday, June 7th.
More Camp details can be found in the Camp-Friendzy section of the forum at
Join us for the big Camp Kick-Off celebration beginning this Friday, June 4th!


Life Made Creations said...

Sounds like tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

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