Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

We have such big plans here to celebrate the New Year...we're staying at home! LOL! We're such party animals! Although I really would like to go to a good's been a LONG time since I've let loose!

I'm glad to see 2008 go...not exactly the best year ever for us. But I must also say, I'm not so excited to see 2009 come. Things are still up in the air with Mark's job...We already know he will be off for a week after 2 weeks of work in January. Since it's a new year, he will probably have to use that week as his waiting period week for unemployment benefits...which means NO paycheck! God, that SUCKS!!! But, we'll get thru...somehow! I just pray for a BIG turn around in our economy, so I can quit worrying about all this crap for a while!

On a positive note...I counted how many scrappy pages I uploaded to this year...158!!! I can't believe I created that much! And that's not all of them...there were some I never even bothered to scan and post! I wonder if I can do more in 2009???

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Lisa J. said...

WOW that is a ton of pages! you should be really proud!!!