Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More of the same old, same old

Hold on, Harrison has just informed me that Pierson has a booger...okay, I'm back! LOL! Gotta love BOYS!

Our excitement lately has been that Pierson got his first haircut last Friday. He did great! I didn't have her cut it too short since he's got that wonderful double crown and it's just now laying down! LOL! But it does look's not so long on his neck now. Makes him look more like a little boy! He also got his 2nd one year molar--the right top one. So glad that thing is thru...he was a little cranky!

The other boys are fine...Harrison asks me frequently if he can go to school "NOW?" He doesn't understand he's got about 6 more weeks! And Nevan's still being the typical head-strong, independent 3 year old he is!

I went on another job interview last Friday. So far, I haven't heard anything out of it...I guess maybe I didn't make the cut. They said they'd let me know something the beginning of the's Wednesday now.

Having a playdate here tomorrow for one of the mom's groups I'm far it's 3 moms and about 5 other kiddos! YIKES! This could be interesting! Gotta get off of here and go clean!

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