Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A little update...

to what's going on in our world. Pierson learned how to be an "Indian" AND blow kisses the same day last week! He's soooo cute! And 3 days ago, I discovered his first molar--the one on the top left side. Harrison lost his 3rd tooth on the 19th. Pierson's figured out that he likes to hold your hands and walk in front of you too. Lord, I can't keep that boy little!!! Still haven't cut his hair--I can't do it yet! LOL!

I went for a job interview yesterday!!! OMG! Not what the plan was, but hey. I told Mark I'd go back to work if I needed to for a while and if I get the job, who knows? I might like it! LOL! Anyway, the interview I had yesterday was with a recruiter for Caromont Healthcare and she told me that if she recommended me to the manager at Hospice (which is where the job is) they would call me for a 2nd interview if interested. I got a call for the 2nd interview yesterday afternoon!!! If I get it, I'll be a Medical Records Clerk. The pay isn't THAT great, but they have lots of benefits that make up for it! Like, get this, Vision insurance that covers LASIK!!! OMG!! Can you schedule my appt now??? And Educational assistance!! I could go to school and have help paying for it! You get discounts at the hospital pharmacy on prescription drugs and discounts at the hospital cafeteria, and there's a Fitness Center that is free for employees! This is all in addition to the normal stuff like insurance, retirement, PTO, etc. I'm having mixed feelings since I've not worked since Nevan was born and he and Pierson have always had me here at their beck and call. But I wonder if I'll be a better mom by going to work and getting away for a while. KWIM??? YOu know, absence makes the heart grow fonder??? Some days I'm not too fond of them! LOL! But on the other hand, I'm probably gonna like having my own money--esp. if I keep working after Mark goes back to work! CAn you say "Canon Rebel"???? LOL!


camport said...

I totally KWYM! There are days that I think a "real job" would be like getting a break!

Good luck with everything and I hope it all works out for the best!


Tyggereye said...

Hi, I was just visiting from Scraplove contest. *waves*

I have two boys. My youngest looks around the age of your youngest (Leo is 7mths)

Good luck with the job interview results. Hope you find a great job you like.
Good luck in the contest too!