Sunday, February 4, 2007

Early bird

Well, here it is 5:10 am, and I'm wide awake! This is what happens when you go to sleep around 9 pm!

I'm not sure (I'm never sure about anything!) but I think baby may have moved down some more. This entire week of bedrest, I have not noticed my pelvic bones feeling like they could just break--until yesterday! Yesterday morning (like 4 am morning!) I was experiencing some pressure, but no contrax. I'd feel the pressure when baby was moving--and boy was he ever moving! But, who knows? Could just be my paranoia!

I've got to remember to get Mark to pack my bag for me today. I don't really need much--clothes to come home in, a housecoat, toiletries. Baby won't be coming home immediately so I won't need anything for him really. I might take MY breastpump although I know the hospital will have one. I need to have him put some towels/blankets in the car--just in case! Heaven forbid! And we can NOT forget the cameras! I need to make sure I've got film for mine--I'm pretty sure I do, but I've gotta find it!

I need to write a letter to the director of H's preschool telling her that I'm sending paperwork for Nevan to start next year, but that I want to leave him on the waiting list for a later start. We could afford to send him the whole year, but I don't want to get in a bind--esp since Mark's gonna be signing up for unemployment for 10 weeks this spring/summer. (they will be working a week/off a week.) It's unlikely that the preschool will get an opening later in the year, but you never know. I'd hate to start sending Nevan and then have to pull him out--he wouldn't like that one bit! Besides, he learns so much from H that I don't think missing a year of preschool is gonna hurt him. I would just like to have 2 kiddos gone for 3 mornings a week! LOL!

Well, I'm rambling. I think I'll go TRY to go back to sleep--that is after I find some food!

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Crystal said...

Hey Jenny,
This was a really good idea. Now I can keep closer tabs on you. Hang in there girl, and try not to worry. Love ya, (Mark too, but he doesn't need to know that. LOL)