Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've got exciting news!!!

But I can't tell you yet!!! Hee! Hee! I will tell you it's scrappy related...that way you won't go speculating about weather or not I'm gonna have another offspring!!! LOL!

I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. Felt like I was coughing up the Fires of Hell!!! It's definitely the flu...but he gave me an inhaler to help calm down my inflamed chest area and a nasal spray to help me breath...although I'm not sure the nasal spray is working. Thought I was gonna get to send H back to school today, but he decided to run a fever again yesterday afternoon...UGH. One of these days, we'll all be back to normal!

Remember yesterday when I said we were going Mad about Sketches at Cookin' Up Creations this month??? Well, I got to serve up the first challenge today!!! This is the sketch I created:

And here's my card!

Wanna know how I created the background??? Well, go on over to the Technique Tuesday BPS Challenge forum and find out! I'll even give you a LINK!

Well...off to attempt fixing dinner for the first time in a week. I guarantee it's gonna be something REALLY quick! LOL!

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