Friday, February 25, 2011

The Flu SUCKS!

Oh yeah...influenza has struck at our house. It started Sunday evening when both N and P started running fevers. I took them both to the doctor on Monday where P tested positive. N tested negative, but they said he probably had it too, based on his symptoms. N got over it pretty quickly...he went back to school yesterday. Pierson was still running a fever last night! And guess who else has it?? Yep...that would be ME and H! Today starts Day 3 for the 2 of us. I really hate feeling like my limbs could fall off! Where's that Mack truck that hit me?!?!?!

In all the sickness, I did get a bright spot when I received an email from Megan Hoeppner of Creating Keepsakes on Wednesday evening. I was featured on their blog yesterday!!! I submitted a page I made based on a layout I saw in the January 2011 issue for their CK & Me spot. And they put it on their blog!!! You can see my claim to fame HERE!

Well, now I'm off to hold down the couch some more...UGH.

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Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

I feel for you, Jenny - we've been going through the same thing and then my DH got a BAD ankle sprain on Tuesday. Still can't walk on it. Congrats on your LO being featured - it really is beautiful!