Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late again!!!

But I have a legitimate reason! I'll get to that in a minute!

WO #34 went live this morning over at scrapFIT and what a wonderful workout it is!!! Really helped me to think about what our traditions are at the holidays and how I hope that they continue. The challenge was a Story Telling Challenge and we had to chose from one of 3 topics: Your favorite holiday memory, The best holiday surprise, or a holiday tradition. Our page had to showcase some journaling. Obviously, I chose the tradition! Here's what I created:

Making cookies on Christmas Eve has really become a thing around here. Even though it is a lot of trouble and mess with 3 boys, they really enjoy making the cookies and Santa really enjoys eating them! :)

I can't remember if I mentioned this in my last post, but it's DT Call time again at scrapFIT. Our former fearless leader, Kelly, has handed her torch over to Sarah Zenger and she's looking for designers for the February 2011-July 2011 team. It's a great site to design for and I can't wait to see what Sarah has up her sleeve! Go to the blog and check it out! my legitimate reason. accident prone child...fell Monday evening and broke his arm. (BOTH bones in his was a complete break, the other a hard bend, but still a break) The hospital put him in a splint and sent us home with instructions to see an orthopedic in the next few days. Went to the ortho yesterday where (thankfully) it didn't have to be set and where Nevan got a cast up to his armpit. All was well. Till 4 am when he came and got in bed with me...and then proceeded to be sick everywhere!! ARGH!!! And I can't wash the dirty sheets because we JUST took the washer and dryer to the repairman!!! So, I lost my day today, playing nurse. I had a million and one things I needed to get done...I guess I'll add them to the million things I need to do tomorrow! And I just realized yesterday that Friday is the boy's last day of school before Christmas!!! WHAT?!?!?! Santa better get on the BALL! We don't even have our Christmas tree up yet! I don't think I've EVER waited this long! We've just been so extremely crazy busy!

Praying that the rest of my boys don't get sick and that the rest of the week is uneventful...even though they are calling for a wintry mix tonight and into tomorrow morning. If it does, this will be the 3RD TIME we've gotten snow this month!!! That NEVER happens in NC!! NEVER!!! It's been soooo cold here...I don't remember moving North! LOL!

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