Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost too much going on!

I know I'm 5 days late...but there's a cool new challenge up at scrapFIT!!! Go check it out!!! When I get a spare minute, I hope to work on it myself!

ScrapU was a HUGE success over at Scrap-Friendzy!!! Thanks to all who joined us! I learned some AMAZING new techniques the past month...hopefully, I'll get to incorporate them in a project soon! If your looking for some cool things to try, the ScrapU forum should stay up for a while... And to give the DT a breather...we're doing a mini version of our Sketch-a-thon this month! New sketches are posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!!! Check in tomorrow to see an original by yours truly!

Along with lots of fun scrappy stuff...we spent this past weekend VERY close to the mountains...camping. In a tent. And it was below 50* each night! LOL! It was a LOT of work, but lots of fun too! We went with Harrison's scout troop and Harrison got to go fishing and he even caught his first ever fish! He was soooo excited!

I'm mourning the loss of my desktop computer...she had ALL MY stuff on her! My Photoshop, Sure Cuts a Lot, Design Studio, Inkscape, Picasa...and 2 months worth of pics that were NOT backed up!!!! WAAAAHHHHHHH! We're still waiting to hear if the computer guy can retrieve the pics for me... So, now we're back to a one computer family and it's really sucking! LOL! I can't take the laptop upstairs now because it has to be directly hooked into the internet...router won't work without another computer! (or if it will, I don't know how to hook that up!) I was able to download the software and drivers for my printer...thank goodness! I vow to backup everytime I dump my memory card from now on!

OH, and some bright, ingenious person at the boy's school decided it would be a great idea to have the kindergarten field trip AND the 2nd grade field trip on the SAME day! Mark took off to go with Harrison but I found out today he may not be able to go because they have to do a background check on him for him to be able to go!!!! WHAT?!?!?! It's a field trip! So, if they don't get the info back before Thursday, he can't go. I guess I'll go to Mooresville for half the day and Hickory the other half...they're only about an hour apart...{roll eyes}

That's all the excitement I can think of around here...hope everyone's having a great October!

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