Friday, November 21, 2008

Can't believe he's 4!!

Today is Nevan's 4th birthday! I can't believe he's already that old! Can't believe I haven't worked in 4 years! He's had a rough week and we've been forced to reschedule his birthday party. At the beginning of the week, he had some kind of stomach bug. Then Wednesday, he started coughing. Yesterday it was so bad that I called the doc and he called him in some medicine. Last night, he wakes in the middle of the night and says his ear hurts! So I took him to the doc today and, even though he doesn't have an ear infection now, he gave me a prescription for the antibiotic if he starts complaining of it hurting and he starts running a fever. On the way home from the doc's, I get a call from school that Harrison isn't feeling well. They checked his temp there and it was 99.1*. I got home, gave him some Motrin and then he seemed fine. But now, he's on the couch asleep and that's unlike him. He's not complaining of anything bothering him, so I'm not sure what he's got!

So, I'm home alone with sick/semi-sick kids tonight...Mark's gone to see Reba in concert!

Hope I can get my scrap on after the boys go to bed! I need a creative outlet right now!

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